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Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 | 3:28 PM

TRAEDONYA  has gotten buzz in the reggae world via her Great remake of ''ALL NIGHT LONG '' Featuring dance hall legend Patra.   TRAEDONYA!  (''The Bride of New Funk Hip-Opera''), a native of New York , who has a UK musical past, spent 3 years living in London and Ireland while she released her critically acclaimed single Beloved.

Her remix EP ''I'LL GIVE IT 2 U'' has soul,hiphop, dubstep,dnb and house on it, is doing major numbers on media base radio base stations. In her first week, she came in the number 9th most added internet record... right in the mix with all the major recording artists. Within the last 6 weeks she received over 5,000 spins

The video is the first of several to come, from her Remix EP of  ''I'LL GIVE IT 2 U'' , simply called The Remixes.  The first video is the 4AM Remix and is more sensual than sexual.  This is a video for cognac drinkers  as well as wine sippers to vibe on and escape to.  This video focuses on TRAEDONYA! and the song to express it visually in a very direct way. 

It has been described by some as captivating, puts you in a trance and locks you in.  TRAEDONYA! felt free shooting this video.  "It shows a side of her inner being that the public, we hope will embrace", says AK Smithford of Prohibition Entertainment.

TRAEDONYA! will going on be  tour this  Fall/winter 2011-12, in New York and LA.

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