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Buju Banton Fires Lawyer David Markus Amid Upcoming Sentencing

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 12:02 PM

Buju Banton in an effort to prove his innocence has fired his lawyer David Markus, who has been representing the artiste since his arrest in December 2009.

In an email sent to the Broward Palm Beach Times,  Markus said  "I will always consider Buju my friend and my brother and I think of him every day. “It pains me that he is in prison. I truly hope that he gets some relief."

The move by Buju came just weeks after his request for a new trial was turned down by Georgia Circuit Court as it had been determined that there was sufficient evidence to warrant the ruling against Buju.

This appeal also could cause more trouble for Buju regarding a gun charge that was originally thrown out by trial judge, James Moody. Following the rejected trial request, Judge Moody hinted that Buju Banton along with  facing  sentencing in his drug case and could be held in custody for an additional five years as a result.

Buju Banton will now be represented by renowned Mississippi-based lawyer and human rights activist, Chokwe Lumamba, who represented the late Tupac Shakur as well as Black Panther member, Assata Shakur , the step aunt of Tupac

Buju Banton’s sentencing has been scheduled for October 30 in Miami.

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