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Meet the Miss Teen Cayman Island 2012 -2013 Contestants

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 11:13 AM

Contestants with Brooke Parchment(Reigning Queen)

Twelve gorgeous young lady will compete for this year's Miss Teen Cayman Island 2012 -2013 at the at the Lions Centre, on September 1st, under the “Enchanting Wonderland”

The winner will receive a scholarship and have the opportunity to work closely with the community platform of their choice. She will also receive a trophy plus a professional photo session with a reputable photographer

The Miss Teen pageant is an opportunity for young women to grow and learn the importance of becoming a positive role model for the youth of the Cayman Islands.

Meet the Contestants

Kelsie Woodman-Bodden
Platform: Reducing cyber-bullying among our island’s the youth

Alyssa West
Platform: “The importance of how teen pregnancy hinders education”

Shanice Ebanks
Platform: “To preserve Cayman future and be an influence on Caymanians by promoting Christian characteristics and behaviours as it is rapidly decreasing amongst our generation

Bronwen Burke
Platform: “The awareness of depression and suicide prevention”

Nordama Stewart
Platform: To promote the voluntaryism among the youth of the Cayman Islands

Erica Burke
Platform: “Youth Against discrimination”

Tracey Hydes
Platform: Teenage alcohol and drug abuse

Glennique Bodden
Platform: Establishing more safety organization programmes within our community

Renee Conolly
Platform: To reduce teenage pregnancy in the Cay-man Islands”

Lisa Evans
Platform: “Importance of culture and heritage in the Cay-man Islands youth”

Alexandra Anglin
Platform: “Important of education”

Shemika Ebanks -Gooding
Platform: “Drugs and crime and how it can be reduced”

Who will walk away with the crown?

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