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Trinidadian author pens novel about her pain and struggles in "WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT."

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | 10:26 AM

Colleen "Warrior Empress" Williams was born in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, She  is a survivor of several types of abuse - from sexual abuse and neglect as a child to the physical and emotional abuse she suffered in her adult years.  She has come out the other side triumphant and has written a book about her experiences called "WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT."  

The book is a journal of Colleen’s journey through pain to paradise, in celebration of her strength – of coming out stronger after years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse and neglect. It is a compilation of poems and paragraphs that she wrote over the years to help her process some of the negative things that happened to her.  However, it is not all doom and gloom! It has been described as a modern day “Cinderella” story; in the middle of her pain, she met her Prince Charming – her “Mr. Undefeated” – who was instrumental in bringing me out of winter and into spring.

“WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT” resonates with every reader.  Most people either have been abused themselves or know someone who has been abused.  This book lets the abused know that there are survivors out there who have come out and broken the cycle of abuse. It will make you cry, laugh and celebrate with me as I journal through my pain and come out to the beginning of my happiness.


Q and A with Colleen "Warrior Empress"

Tell us about yourself  

I was born in Trinidad & Tobago, now residing in Boston, Mass.
Tell us about your book 
The book, called "Who Feels It Knows It" is a journey through the pain of different types of abuse until I finally escaped.  I named it that because, "Who feels it, knows it" is a saying I have that means you don't really understand something until you have gone through it yourself.


Why did you decide you wanted to write a book? 
I didn't set out to write a book.  I was writing down my experiences in essay form and poetry as a way to channel my pain and deal with it.  After years of this journaling, I decided to put a lot of my notes together and that became the book we are discussing today.


How difficult it was for you writing this book since it was like reliving your past?
It was difficult because it brought back memories, anger, frustrations and questions, but I overcame a lot and am using this book to help others do the same. 


Let us talk about your abuse, when did it start? 
I survived several types of abuse: the sexual abuse started at 9; the emotional neglect from my mother started at 13; the physical abuse started when I got married.


Someone reading the book would ask, “Why didn’t you leave? What is your answer to that? 
There was nowhere for me to go - I was in no position to leave. All the abusers had control over me and I was unable to escape.


When and how did you say to your "Enough is enough" for you to leave? 
When the physical abuse became too much and I was hit in front of my son, I made plans to escape; I did not want my son growing up thinking it was all right to hit women.


Do you have trust issues in relationship now? 
Yes, I do, but I'm still learning how to relax and let down my guard.


What have learnt about you writing this book? 
To be strong, not to sit there and accept; although others may try to talk you into staying or 'working it out', remember, "Who feels it, knows it." 


What advice do you have for someone who has gone through similar experiences? 
If you are in any type of abusive relationship or any other similar circumstance, get out, don't wait - it can mess you up mentally for years.


Where is your book available 
My book will be available via Amazon by the middle of September. In the meantime, however, you can contact me  Facebook users can like my page at and you can follow me on Twitter via @EmpressColleen







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