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Trinidadian Model Tarrin McMayo Aiming For Greatness

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Monday, August 6, 2012 | 10:56 PM

Tarrin is a former professional dancer for the Miami Heat and cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. She is currently a model with experience in commercial, voice, print and runway in the Miami/South Florida market.

This 26 year old was in born in Oklahoma to Trinidadian parents, where she attended Tulsa Memorial High School. At 18 she moved to Miami where she attended Florida International University (FIU to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a certificate in Women’s Studies.

She worked as a cheerleader for the Dolphins for three years and in 2010 joined the Miami Heat’s dancing squad, where she stayed for a year. She is now actively pursuing her modelling career.  

Tell us about yourself
I am a current full time graduate student studying Human Resource Management. Obtaining a Master degree has always been a personal goal for me and I hope to pursue another in social media marketing and perhaps a PhD in another discipline as learning has always been important to me. 

How and why did you decide you wanted to be model? 
I have always dreamed of becoming a model. I always loved dressing up with my sister and getting into character. It was something that I wanted to pursue, but didn't think much of it until I was older. While dancing in the professional sports arena, I participated in many photo shoots and naturally the interest sparked. I have recently started actively pursuing it and have been in a few commercials in the states, fashion shows, calendars, catalogs and Carnival band launches in Trinidad. I am excited for what the future holds and hope to one day be featured in Sports illustrated.

What kind of modelling do you do?
I mainly do print lifestyle and commercial work. However, I absolutely love the runway. Due to my dance, and gymnastics background-- I tend to do more swimwear and athletic modeling.

What other countries have you been to?
I have been lucky enough to travel to Bahrain, Djibouti, Kuwait, England, the Bahamas, St. Martin and Saudi Arabia all with my experience as a professional cheerleader and dancer. I have also been to Canada and Mexico. 

Are you are signed to an agency, if so which?
I am currently not signed with a specific agency. I work with a few talent managers and as a freelance model, but I am hoping to sign with an agency soon.

Is difficult getting in the modelling profession?
It can be overwhelming at first, but I definitely think that it is important to network and put yourself out there. First impressions are definitely lasting so maintaining poise, confidence and a positive attitude helps. The more you go to castings and submit yourself--the better your chances and eventually something will work out. I have been referred to be many because of my positive attitude and dependability. Professionalism goes a long way.

What’s or are your best feature/s? 
I think my best features are my long legs. I never thought much of them until I began dancing and now love showcasing them as a model.

A model career is short live. What are you long term plans?
I wouldn't mind branching out into television or film. I think it would be awesome to do voice overs for cartoons. I love sketch comedy and wouldn't mind including my love for comedy with politics and even have a round table TV show. Eventually, I would like to open up a gymnastics and dance center, become a philanthropist and open a girls' club that would promote positive well-being and would offer scholarships. 

What is your biggest dream as a model? 
I may be shy of the height requirement for Victoria's Secret, but I would love to be a VS Angel. However, one of my biggest dreams is to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. I also would love to be the face of a major campaign. 

What have been your greatest achievements as a model? 
With just a few months of experience, I was asked be numerous designers to walk in Miami Swim Week. I have also been featured in a magazine in Trinidad with an article about my accomplishments from transitioning to professional cheerleader to model. I also landed the cover page.

Are there any perks of being a model? 
I think the biggest perks including getting to meet designers from all over. It is very refreshing to see designers/artists so passionate about their work. I am also looking to upcoming travel opportunities.

I see you are a Professional NBA Dancer, how did that come about? 
I was a competitive gymnast for many years and eventually transitioned into dance. After being on a competitive dance team in high school and university, I was inspired to try out for the Miami Dolphins from my university dance team coach who was a former professional cheerleader. I auditioned and made it and cheered for 3 years. I was co-captain my 3rd year and after a few months break was encouraged to audition for the Miami HEAT by my sister (a current HEAT dancer). It was awesome especially since I joined the year LeBron signed with Miami. 

How do you balance modelling and working?
I am very busy, but have learned to manage my time wisely. When I am not attending castings, I am busy studying or prepping for a shoot. It is well worth it.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy being able to dress up and perform for the camera. The great thing about modeling is that you can become or convey anything you want. 

What do you dislike the most?
I think my least favorite thing is waiting to find out if I have booked a job.  I also do not really like the downtime between shows (i.e.) waiting hours in between makeup and hair and the actual show time, but I find way to keep myself entertained.

Who is your favorite high-fashion model? What’s his/her link? Why?  
My favorite high fashion model is Chanel Iman. She is a fashionista who exemplifies grace and poise. I think she is effortlessly beautiful and carries herself as a brand. 

If you had to name a fashion city, which is the one you love the most?
I honestly love London. While I wouldn't complain if I needed to move to New York. I love how eclectic the London fashion industry is. Milan and Paris would be a tie for a close 2nd place.

Is there anyone in the Caribbean who you are hoping to work with?
I truly admire Laura Ferreira's photography. It would be amazing to work with her in the future. I also would love to work with Asha and Ayana Wadada (two designers that have an awesome style)

As a model what is your diet like?
I try to eat as natural and whole as possible. It may take a few minutes longer to prepare and plan, but it is truly worth it. I drink lots and lots of water, and eat lots of fruit. The fruit usually satisfies my sweet craving and keeps me energized. I also eat a lot of fish and chicken. My favorite dish is actually salmon. I also try to eat at least 1 green vegetable with each meal. 

You are pretty fit how often do you exercise?
I usually run 4-5 times a week (aiming for at least 4 miles each time). I also enjoy cycling, practicing yoga, and doing classes such as Zumba. I enjoy working out because it keeps me disciplined, balanced, and energized.

What is your makeup you can’t live without?
I can't go without mascara. I probably use 2-3 tubes at a time depending on their "effects" and my needs. I think I have emergency mascara in a little pouch I take in and out of my car. Just in case. :) 

What are you likes and dislikes about the industry?
The industry can be very cut throat and it is very important to stay strong, motivated and true to yourself.  It can be difficult dealing rejection, but you have to remember to keep your eyes on the bigger picture and remember that not every job is for you. While models all aim at perfecting their craft it is important to keep in mind that modeling is subjective. What appeals to one designer or editor, may not appeal to the next. 

What advise do you have for someone wanting to be a model?
The best advice I can give is to be confident and positive. If you work hard enough at something. It will work out. Stay motivated and don't ever think you can't do something.

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