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CEM interview With Trinidadian Artiste Ryan Chance

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Thursday, September 13, 2012 | 3:28 PM

Ryan Chance Bascombe is a Trinidad and Tobago Soca/Hip Hop artiste who ventured into music at a very young age. He started singing in church choirs and participating in calypso competitions in school, during his early years..

Music was in his blood having being born into a musical family of singers, musicians and DJs.  He grew up listening to many different genres of music but, took a likeness for soca because of its vibe, the beat and the lyrical content of the indigenous art form.

When Ryan was 19 he formed a group called D3 with a co-worker which would later evolve into an entertainment group featuring a few young talented artistes. After five years of being in the group Ryan eventually spread his wings as a solo artiste and released his first single "Forgive Me" in March 2012. The single was produced by well-known artiste and producer Isaac Blackman with mastering by the dynamic studio Precision Productions.

The video for "Forgive Me" was a project dear to his heart as Ryan sought to convey his story while leaving a positive message in the minds of viewers. Friends and family members came out to support him on the day of the shoot directed, shot and edited by talented young videographers Medgar Creed and Jamie Thomas.

Since coming on the entertainment scene as a solo artiste Ryan has been featured on various radio stations and featured in magazines such as Metro Magazine, OMG and Pellau Magazine

Ryan is currently mastering his craft creating a fusion between soca and hip hop to create what he terms as 'Contemporary Caribbean' music while readying himself for the upcoming Carnival 2013 season of which he fully intends to be a part of.

CEM interview with the talented Ryan Chance

When did you know you wanted to be a signer? 

 I first knew I wanted to be a singer at age 12, from watching the way my father could get a group of people so easily interested in his vocals and energy.


You started singing in church, but your genre is mostly soca. What got you into soca?

Yes I started singing in church, and I still have a lot of positive influences within my music because of it. My main style of music is soca, and getting into this genre took a lot of time and patience to formulate a style of my own, this style consists of a mixture of Hip hop and soca. I chose to venture into soca because I wanted to try something a little different to the type of music I’m normally associated with and so far it’s been going pretty well.

You started the group "D3", what was that like?

My time with D3 would be something that I would never forget, that is when I really perfected my skills as a writer and singer.

Why caused the group to break up?

The group members decided it was time to pursue solo projects and to grow as individual artistes. 

Do you think you will ever reunite the group maybe collaboration?

Yes. I would love to work with them again on a collab but before I do that I’ll like to create stronger foundation as solo artiste.

Is it easier as a solo artiste?

I have found it to be a lot easier being a solo artiste; it’s been a great change so far.

Do you write you own songs?

Yes I write all of my own songs. I love writing; it’s a way of expressing myself so I try to write as much as I can.

Where do you get inspiration when writing?

My inspiration truly comes from a reflective aspect of where I am now and what’s happening around me. Lol!!! Also I love to have fun when I write; playing with words to create that unexpected lyric is my idea of fun

You do hip hop and soca, which is completely 2 different genres. How do you manage to blend both for your fans?

Hip Hop has always had a strong impact on my music. It’s about rhyming and rhythm but soca music also has a lot of rhythm. I find it easy to blend the two together and the fans appreciate the fact that I have perfected my own style. People have been longing for something different for a while and I believe I can fill that void with the style of music I do.

I found your invention of "Contemporary Caribbean' assuming... What is “Contemporary Caribbean”?

Simply because my style is not limited, you will pick up a catchy pop upbeat vibe with that classic Caribbean melody and varying degrees of Hip Hop and rhythm and blues. It’s my Caribbean spin on contemporary music, what’s happening now in the music world.

You released your first ”Forgive Me" what is it about?

 Forgive me is my first single as a solo artiste. Within the song I speak about Trinidad and its youths and draw reference to the nation as it is, with all the murders and crime that is present. Also the song has a lot to do with myself as I am asking God for forgiveness. It’s also based on a personal incident as I was stabbed a few years ago during an attempted robbery. Writing this song helped me to move on from having hate in my heart. To forgive and going on to live my life without fear.

What have been some of the barriers in the entertainment industry, especially living in the Caribbean?

 I have found it to be quite challenging yes, one of my main barriers is trying to get my music out there to other countries although use of the internet has made it much more achievable.


Are there any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

At the moment I am currently working on a school tour addressing the issue of youth violence and promoting conflict resolution to the younger generation

Is there a particular artiste you are dying to work with?

Well I would love to work with Machel Montano someday; I believe there is a lot I can learn from him. Konshens from Jamaica has proven himself to truly be a diverse artist and then Lil Rick has that energy that matches mine.  Those are all artistes I’d like to work with.

What message for you fans?

 Stay positive; keep walking on the straight and thank you so much. I wouldn’t have been able to create such of a buzz without you all. So keep supporting, I’ll keep my style and my vibe. 

To learn more about Ryan Chance follow him on Twitter or become a fan on his Facebook

 Chance - Forgive Me [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


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