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Interview With Latin Eco Designer Viktor Vegas of "Franovik Designs"

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Friday, September 14, 2012 | 1:19 PM

Franovik Designs is a Fashion Company that makes ECO/GREEN/RECYCLE and exclusive Sportswear/Casual/Evening/Formal) for women and men. Franovik Designs, is a team featuring fashion designer Francisco J. Perez, Co-founder and Lead Fashion Designer and Viktor M. Vega, Founder, CEO & Fashion Stylist, hence the name “Franovik”

The duo started designing over 20 years for Carnival, Halloween and national costumes for pageants using recycled fabrics, materials and vintage heirloom pieces.
Viktor M. Vega(R), Francisco J. Perez(l),

Franovik Designs has worked in the past worked with :Miss St Lucia 2006, and  Miss Florida 2008 Anastagia Pierre :Sarah Fitzgerald, former Miss Teen Earth United States 2008);Jana Murrell Miss earth United States 2008; Esther Dollar, former Ms Latina International;Silvana Camargo,former Miss Latina USA;Diana Schoutsen, former  Ms Latina World; Amy Diaz- former  Miss Earth United States, Jolie Schamber- former Miss teen Earth United States, Aubrey Carr- former Miss Teen Earth Water 2009, among others.

Franovik Designs have also worked a number of local and international celebrities, such as Paulina Rubio, reporter-news anchor for Al Rojo Vivo Maria Celeste Arraras, Brazilian actress and entrepreneur Nuvia Rose, Socialite Marilyn Puerto and her daughters Sachi and Nori, Pageant Director Angela Posillico, Pop sensations Marger and Legend Vega.
CEM interview with Founder, CEO & Fashion Stylist - Victor M. Vega (Viktor Franovik) 


Franovik is a fashion couture company that makes "ONE OF A KIND-WEARABLE PIECES OF ART" from recycled fabrics, materials and vintage garments for men and women. One of our missions is to make you look amazing by creating the look.

Tell us about your business partners and the relationship working with them

We are all one big happy family, the only stress I want them to have is to wake up and think what they are going to wear today.

How did you get involved in designing?

Francisco's family had a fashion business in Venezuela so it was part of his blood; three of the brothers did couture. I was always interested in the arts, so I took graphic design and Illustration not thinking someday I would be creating on paper.

Is that always your dream of becoming a designer?

Not really, I liked to dab in the arts by drawing, painting and very good with my hands. Francisco was a designer already, so we combined both of our strengths to become who we are now.

You do ECO/GREEN/RECYCLE fashion couture designers, how did this decision came about?

This is interesting, we started by creating costumes for Halloween, Carnival and National/International pageants from recycled fabrics, materials and vintage garments; one day it occurred to us to go couture using these items.

Working with these kinds of materials (ECO/GREEN/RECYCLE) are there any drawbacks?

No, not at all, they are fabrics and materials like all the rest. We use conventional materials like all the other designers too.

What is your favorite colour to work with?

We love all colours, no one really stands out.

How do you put a collection together? Where does it start? What is your inspiration?

We think of the season and possible colours. We talk about what we would like to see on women, and what women have in their closets. Our inspiration is to re-create something new from an existing item.

What is your favorite piece from your collections that you are most proud of? Why?

Our inspiration is to re-create something new from an existing item. We have three pieces, our signature pieces, which are our iconic yellow dress, our duct tape and window screen dress and our white rose dress. And it's because people know us by these pieces.

Who are your main clients and what do you look for in a client?

Mostly women, all ages. We look for clients that are ready for new experiences, clients that like beautiful no matter where and how it gets to them and clients that appreciate innovation.

Have you ever thought of doing a menswear collection?

We have menswear, Francisco and I mostly wear them. We have placed a few pieces on the runway, not enough to be noticed. Anytime you see us in jackets, vests and slacks it was made by us.

Is there a celebrity that you are dying to work with?

We would love to dress as many as we can but there are a few that come to mind, Angelina Jolie, Sophia Vergara and Natalie Portman. Natalie believes in the ECO movement, I'm sure they all do but Natalie is more vocal about the movement.

What is the most difficult aspect of running your own design label?

Staying current and forecasting what is the next trend going to be. With us because we do more of the recycled fashions and create one of kind pieces it's staying true to ourselves and clients.

Are there any new or upcoming project(s) you are working on?

There are a few fundraiser/Fashion projects before the year ends, one is Lipstick Lounge and GlamAthon for breast cancer, a few other shows and a photo shoot with a few high fashion photographers.

Any advice for young upcoming fashion designers?

It's tough and very competitive; schools prepare you text wise but do not prepare you for the reality of this industry. If you think you will be walking out thinking you are the next big designer, prepare yourself.

Build your infrastructure, have things in place. Having a mere business card, a portfolio with a few pictures and a Facebook account will not cut it.

I started working with young designers building their infrastructure, so at least they are building a reputation and a following. People take them seriously when they see a real email address, not a Hotmail, yahoo or Gmail address.
Think of the, who, what, where, when and how. These things should be clear in your mind as you take your steps into the world of fashion

Collection: Elements of Green 2012

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