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Jamaica To Host the Tourism United Nations World Pageants

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 | 11:10 PM

The annual Tourism United Nation Pageant’s (TUNP) primary intention is to identify and showcase the world’s best tourism ambassadors. Those who have the personalities and the talents best suited to promote their respective countries and to foster international friendships and understanding with a cultural harmony.

The pageant has been named one of the most influential international events to promote healing among nations around the world, bringing together representatives of a wide range of communities and cultures. Over 80 delegates from over 80 countries around the world will be competing for the following titles:

Ms. Tourism United Nations (21yrs Open)
Miss Tourism  United Nations (19-29yrs)
Mrs. Tourism United Nations (21yrs Open)
Miss Teen Tourism United Nations (13-19yrs)
Mr. Tourism United Nations (19-35yrs)
Mr. Teen Tourism United Nations (13-19yrs)

The hopeful Mr. and Miss United Nations will be judged on: sportswear, fashion wear, evening gown and of course, the interview; which will demonstrate their knowledge on social and current events.

The Tourism United Nations Pageant World Finals will be held at Karaam Speid Auditorium Hall ,77 Constant Spring Rd Kingston Jamaica . The pageant event will take place from December 1 - 9, 2012.   However the Coronation Gala will be on Saturday, December 8,2012 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

For more information and to get your Gala Coronation tickets please visit or check out their FB page

We are very happy the Jamaica will be hosting this remarkable event. We are an organization dedicated to facilitating cooperation among nations, world peace and promoting development. The relationships that will be fostered during this event among the contestants will allow them to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of all the diverse cultural, social, religious and ethnic backgrounds of the countries which make up the Tourism United Nations. We are very joyful to have the Jamaica as the premier host of the 2012 Edition of The Tourism United Nations Pageants World Finals” said Ruel Williams, International Director of UNP.

Apart from a strong emphasis on goodwill, tourism and destination promotions, the pageant is also supporting environmental protection via strategized programs.
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