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Queen of the Caribbean Pageant to Return in 2015 - Set for Dominica

Writer : Caribbean E-Magazine on Monday, October 7, 2013 | 11:01 AM

The Queen of the Caribbean pageant which has been on a long hiatus is expected to return on August 1st, 2015 to the Island of Dominica.

Over forty (40) beauties from across the Commonwealth will vie for the crown which was that worn by Miss St. Lucian, Jadin Fanis who won in Guadeloupe in 2003.

The event is aimed at highlighting the salient defining factors of today’s Caribbean woman in terms of her beauty, charm, creativity, intelligence, and talent, the pageant is however, fashion industry driven as well.

Organizers say the pageant is expected “to bring enormous benefits to the participants who are expected to be in Dominica for an extended period covering two weekends.”

The pageant is however, fashion industry driven as well. One of the objectives is to establish fashion industry benchmarks in the Caribbean and provide the much needed exposure for both the fashion designers and “fashionistas” of the region within the global marketplace.”

The Queen of the Caribbean finale is expected to be a television entertainment event. There will be different segments originally crafted to suit the show one of which, the Special Talent night, will be held separately for raising funds to be donated to a worthy charitable cause. This is in keeping with one of the objectives of the Organization.

The Pageant is a registered in Dominica but the organization also operates from Paris, France and Vigilant hopes to make greater fashion industry connections between the Caribbean and the French city.

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