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Meet Our Staff

Janet Miller

Janet Lorraine Miller

Janet “Lorraine” Miller has been the Editor-in-Chief of CEM since its inception in March 2009. She is a writer as well as an editor. She is also a pageant judge and a media consultant for SOFMO Entertainment Talent & Management Company.--
Yolanda Hanna

Yolanda Hanna

Yolanda Hanna, a Bahamian Radio Personality, Host, Publicist, and Writer from Freeport, Grand Bahama. With a passion for storytelling, she honed her writing skills while studying Mathematics and Statistics at The College of The Bahamas. Yolanda's love for words and her dedication to promoting Music, Art, and Culture led her to a career in Radio Broadcasting. As a Publicist and Booking Agent, she has worked with Recording Artists in The Bahamas, weaving together the stories of the Bahamian people through her expressive writing.

Baz Dreisinger 

Jeuel Green-Thompson 

Shanteeca Reid 

Laura Chapman

Alexandra Tatis

Marissa Dookeran

Shenea Pia Jordine


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