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Antiguan Actress " Anna Maria Horsford" Appointed tourism Ambassador

At the Annual Independence State Banquet in Antigua and Barbuda, actress Anna Maria Horsford was appointed the country’s tourism ambassador. The award-winning actress and producer took a few days off from filming“Reed Between the Lines”, her latest sitcom project to travel to the destination to accept the prestigious appointment. Horsford was conferred with the appointment by Tourism Minister John Maginley, who also recognised the actress for her successful 40-year career. Horsford thanked the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda for the warm welcome and the recognition and support that she has received over the years. She expressed pride for her Antiguan heritage and described being raised in Harlem by an Antiguan father, entrepreneur Victor Horsford, helped to shape her values and passion. “My father was not a man of many words, but he was firm in setting high standards for his children. He worked extremely hard to provide for his family and was very supportive of other Antiguans who immigrated to New York. He was strict and focused, and I strive to bring this same work ethic to my career. I am here to say that I survived having an Antiguan father,” the new ambassador noted. Horsford, who is best known for her roles as Thelma Frye on the sitcom “Amen”, and security guard Dee on The “Wayans Bros”, became the fifth tourism ambassador to be appointed. The ambassadorship created by the Tourism Ministry to highlight how the “One Family” vision can bring all citizens together to support tourism promotions. Horsford was warmly greeted by attendees at the Independence Banquet. Though most were familiar with her work, many were surprised to hear about her Antiguan roots. The new ambassador is already in discussions with tourism officials about how she can present the destination’s attractions and diverse offerings during her public appearances. She also wants to contribute to the development of the local film industry and is passionate about youth development and empowerment. Horsford was a special guest at Guyana Fashion Weekend 2008 and spokesperson for GFW 2009.

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