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Makeup Artist: They Call Her Tori Sellars

Renee Lewis Sellars better known to most as "Tori" is a 31yr old makeup Artist whose passion for makeup and art propelled her into starting my own artistry. She was born and raised in Trinidad, then migrated to the United States where she lived for a number of years. Tori’s aunt was a model and well as one of her other aunts was a makeup artist hence her love for fashion. As a teenager, Tori did her own makeup/hair for weddings and for her she decided she wanted to become an artist. At that time in her life she was working twelve hour shifts, as a baby nurse. Fortunately, she took a makeup class in New York with makeup artist Thalia Michel. Tori’s artistry began when she moved to Trinidad after doing a class with Jewel Holder.

Her artistry can go from vogue to gruesome! She is quite versatile extending from runway to anything that requires a blushing bride to an accident scene.

Her CV entails; RED RUNWAY, CARIBBEAN PLUS SIZE FASHION WEEK, CLOSET RED Featured work: Mentality, Metro, and of the recent IslandMe Magazine. Worked on several Band launches such as Fantasy band launch, Nicki Minaj "Pound de Alarm" music video shoot. She also worked closely with soca artiste Fya Empress and her team for International Soca Monarch 2013. Tori had the pleasure of working with photographers such as, Jameel

Patrice, Dion Glen (former Guardian newspaper photographer), James

Bascombe, Anderson Graphics, Aaron Richards, Armani Savory , Luis Young, Eustace Dyer, Sancho Francisco and Kerron Riley . She is an active member of the management team of Skin Modelz Management based in Trinidad. Her journey goes with the most love and appreciation for all the opportunities she embarked on.

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Tori wants people to realize that makeup isn't just about application of a face, it means more than that. Her methods are unique, she looks at it as a person trusting her with their life, they trust her to make the right decision and make them look fabulous. She exclaimed gingerly “ Nobody wants to look like a circus clown”. Therefore she is always working hard and doing her best to make sure that the client is satisfied.

Tori expects her journey in this industry to lead her to places like London and China. She stresses on how very committed she is to her work and her dream. “If you're not committed to something you won't be able to succeed!” Her dream is definitely big she sees her work hitting magazines, billboards and in the music industry whilst focusing on the acting and media circles.

Some challenges she faces are that the prices of products tend to be over priced. She explained; “ as in any other industry sometimes the quality

of your work doesn't get the attention it deserves. I tend to get bored quickly and in Trinidad the fashion industry is not that much out of the box as it is on the outside. People are still narrow minded where concepts and makeup is concerned. Another is that some photographers and clients take the MUA's artistry for granted. They tend to pay below your price, when in fact your price includes your work, products and time.” She values her artistry and describes it like any other business. Her advice to make up artistes; “ stick to your price, of course you will have your clientswhom you would give discounts to however, if you stick to your price you would definitely find that you are less stressed, and who needs to be in your chair will be. Once God is in your life everything is possible with some hard work and makeup.”

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What are some make up personal tips for women exposed to this humidity?

The majority of the time Tori wears no makeup due to the humidity. The secret unfolded was the ability to wear liquid foundation in humidity works best. If the makeup results in breaking down in components on your face it’s easier to blend it in opposing to a cream base foundation. Most cream foundations tend to look unattractive when attempting to blend into the skin.

What products are best suited?

Using waterproof makeup for example: mascara's, eye shadow base works great considerably. A primer is very necessary! I have been using a product called " NO SWEAT" this product helps those who sweat a lot to sweat less. It's basically used as a sealant, to which you can then apply your foundation. If you use the waterproof makeup you will have to worry less about melting.


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