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Antiguan Eunice “Nice” Reid Received Honorary Award In California.

Antiguan Eunice “Nice” Reid received the Legendary Hair Stylist award at the 14th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Hair Extravaganza last week in California.

The event which is hosted by La Ran Products in Ontario, CA, honoured Reid for her commitment to and dedication to enriching the lives of others through their high level of expertise in the beauty industry. She was one of four recipients to receive the award.

An industry leader with over 33 years in the industry, Reid achieved legendary status by training and mentoring numerous beginning hair stylists who have gone on to achieve greatness. She dedicated the award to the memory of her aunt, Daisy King Bellony, who encouraged and provided the financial support for Reid to attend cosmetology school at Fullerton College in 1979.

The event in honour of Breast Cancer is an effort started in 2000 when a professional hair designer in Pasadena, California, Cheryl Littleton, was diagnosed with breast cancer and later died from the disease.

Each year the Breast Cancer Awareness Hair Extravaganza provides attendees with education and resource material from the American Cancer Society and the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California. They share the message that early detection through monthly self-examinations of the breast, yearly mammograms, and a yearly breast examination by a physician, are keys to surviving breast cancer.

Reid is the owner Unique Hair Weaving by Eunice in Corona, CA.

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