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Meet the Queens of the Caribbean – Miss World 2014 Contestant

As the world gets ready for one of the biggest beauty pageant of the year the Miss World 2014, we take a look at the some of the contestants from the Caribbean region.

The Miss World 2014 events start from November 20th, culminating in the Grand Final on December 14th in London, England. Contestants from 129 countries will be participating in the 63rd edition of the Miss World 2014 pageant, where they will compete under different challenges, like Talent Competition, Top Model, Beauty with a purpose, etc. They will showcase their best in the finale, which promises to be a show stopping event.

Meet the Queens of the Caribbean

Miss Aruba Joitza Henriquez.jpg

Miss Aruba Joitza Henriquez

Age: 22

Joitza is passionate about horse riding, an activity she has even given lessons for in the past. Currently studying Biology & Medical Laboratory Research, she hopes to continue her studies in veterinary medicine and become an equine specialist, eventually opening her own clinic. An owner of 5 horses and a general lover of animals, she would also like to own her own farm in the future. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and dancing, her favourite books include Dracula & Todd Burpo’s Heaven Is For Real and she loves Italian cuisine.

Miss Bahamas Rosetta Cartwright.JPG

Miss Bahamas Rosetta Cartwright

Age: 19

Rosetta is a woman with great ambition. Currently studying Finance and Business, she has aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder before branching out to manage her own financial services business in the Bahamas. Residing in Sweetings Cay, east of Grand Bahama, Rosetta describes herself as “driven and dedicated”, two qualities which will help her realise her dreams. In her spare time she enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, as well as taking relaxing strolls along the beach and spending a lazy afternoon fishing. In the past she has worked in the Ministry of Grand Bahama, and has volunteered at her local hospital, taking care of patients.


Miss Barbados Zoé Trotman

Age: 22

Born and raised in Barbados, 22 year old Zoé studied Accounts & Economics at university, but her passion is the arts. Her greatest ambition is to become a singer, and she would love to sing on Broadway. Zoé also sees herself as a potential envoy for her nation, and would be proud to represent her country abroad in an ambassadorial role. Currently she works as a sales rep and makeup artist, and even makes her own make up and skincare products from time to time. In her spare time, Zoé likes to read and to travel, to keep fit and to study astronomy. When it comes to music, Zoé’s favourite composer is Tchaikovsky, and she says she enjoys any book that “takes my mind to new places”.

Miss Bermuda - Lillian Lightbourn.JPG

Miss Bermuda Lillian Lightbourn

Age: 24

Born and Raised in Bermuda, 24 year old Lillian currently resides in New York where she is pursuing a modelling career. Describing herself as “gracious, poised and unrelenting in the pursuit of my dreams”, Lillian has ambitions of building on her experiences and hopes to one day work as a creative director for a successful company. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball, singing in her church choir and volunteering as a youth worker at her local church. Lillian also has a twin sister, as well as 3 older sisters and 3 brothers. Her personal motto is “Dream big and work hard.”

Miss British Virgin Island - Rosanna Chichester.JPG

Miss British Virgin Island Rosanna Chichester

Age 25

Rosanna was born and raised on Tortola, the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands. Working in banking for the past 6 years, she has recently been awarded a university scholarship, enabling her to follow her dream of eventually opening up a psychology counselling centre. Rosanna is also writing a book about her family (titled Triumph Over Adversity), and hopes to one day see it turned into a movie. Aside from this Rosanna is a confident public speaker, engaged in radio work, tutoring youths in public speaking, and is a member of the Toast Masters of the BVI Club.


Miss Curaçao Gayle Sulvaran

Age 19

Gayle has her heart set on bringing smiles to the world’s children, hoping to embark on a career as a dentist. Currently at high school, she plans to gain her qualifications in the Netherlands, before starting her own dental practice. Gayle aims to develop charity projects providing free dentistry to children in need and those with disabilities. In her spare time, Gayle volunteers at “SeourHedwig, the only primary school for special needs children in Curacao. For hobbies, Gayle likes to be active, enjoying hiking, snorkelling and climbing in the beautiful Curacao nature.

Miss Dominican Republic - Dhio Moreno Romero.JPG

Miss Dominican Republic Dhio Moreno Romero

Age 24

Dhio was born and raised in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s capital city. With a degree in Social Communication, Dhio aims to be an international speaker, addressing issues of motivation and leadership. An active person, she likes to practice yoga, play tennis and spend quality time with her family. Dhio is also a very talented dancer, skilled in a variety of disciplines. Musically, Dhio is a fan of lounge music, and she plays the piano. Her favourite cuisine is Japanese

miss guadeloupe Wendy Metony.jpg

Miss Guadeloupe Wendy Metony


Wendy comes from a family of athletes and artists, born and raised on the island of Guadeloupe. Describing herself as “intelligent, always smiling and helpful”, Wendy is a graduate of the Fine Arts, with aspirations of a career in architecture. To achieve these aims she hopes to continue her studies in the near future. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, design work, and hiking. When it comes to music, she enjoys listening to RnB and Dancehall, citing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song as one of her all-time favourites.

Miss Guyana  Rafieya Aasieya Husain.JPG

Miss Guyana Rafieya Aasieya Husain

Age 22

Rafieya is currently in her third year of university, studying Business Administration. Born in the coastal town of Anna Regina, Rafieya grew up in the capital city Georgetown, before relocating to USA aged 11. Rafieya aspires to become an entrepreneur, and hopes her studies will equip her with the tools necessary to be successful. In her spare time she enjoys practicing archery, cookery and reading, and likes to travel as much as possible, collecting snow globes from all the places she visits. Her favourite book is Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

Miss Haiti Carolyn Desert.JPG

Miss Haiti Carolyn Desert

Age: 25

Born and raised in Haiti, Carolyn moved to Miami aged 14, but has returned to Haiti where she now runs her own Mexican restaurant she opened last year. Also working as a model, Carolyn hopes to open up more restaurants, empower women around the world, and work on international modelling campaigns. In her spare time Carolyn likes to write, she enjoys watching documentaries, and she is passionate about social work in the community. Most recently she spent time feeding orphans in Haiti, as well as planting new trees.

Miss Jamaica  Laurie-Ann Chin.JPG

Miss Jamaica Laurie-Ann Chin

Age 22

Laurie-Ann hails from the city of Kingston, where she currently works as a charity advocate. As Miss Jamaica she has spearheaded several schemes, including funding an autistic classroom for a childcare centre. With two degrees in Natural Sciences and Management studies, Laurie-Ann hopes to establish a cosmetology business utilising organic plants from the local region. In her spare time she enjoys the arts, and is a skilled jewellery maker and painter of portraits and scenery. A keen dancer, she qualified up to grade 7 at the Royal Academy of Dance, and her favourite music is R&B, Soca, pop and Reggae.


Miss Martinique - Anaïs Delwaulle

Age: 20

Anaïs describes herself as “a strong girl who fights for what she wants”. With a Black Belt in karate, you wouldn’t want to stand in her way! Currently studying Communication, she hopes to further her education at the prestigious CELSA Paris University before becoming a communications director for a successful company. In her spare time, Anaïs enjoys riding jet skis and roller-skates, she holds a license to drive boats, and she can play a little piano. When it comes to music her current favourite song is Sea’s electro-pop track Chandelier, but she enjoys a variety of genres.


Miss México Daniela Álvaro Reyes

Age: 20

Daniela has aspirations of a career in television. She would love to become a nationally recognised TV host in Mexico, and hopes to use her experience as Miss Mundo Mexico to further her aims. Aside from her career, Daniela enjoys music, skilled at the flute and piano, as well as Jazz dance. With a love of foreign cultures, Daniela hopes to travel the world, and her favourite cuisines include Italian, Japanese and Chinese alongside her native Mexican foods. A fan of reading, Daniela’s favourite books include The Alchemist, The Outsiders, and Robert Fisher’s The Knight in Rusty Armour.

miss puerto rico Genesis Davila.jpg

Miss Puerto Rico Genesis Dávila

Age: 21

Genesis was born and raised in the beach town of Arroyo, in the south east of the island. Currently one semester away from obtaining her Criminal Justice degree, she hopes to further her education at law school, before following her aspirations of working with marginalised communities who lack access to legal services. In her spare time Genesis likes to be in nature, whether that is finding her inner peace at the tranquil beaches, or in the wild hiking or practicing extreme sports. Her other hobbies include watching an exciting game of baseball, dancing, and spending quality time with her family.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Sarah Jane Waddell.JPG

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Sarah Jane Waddell

Age: 25

Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Sarah Jane travelled regularly whilst growing up, spending time in Barbados and Costa Rica before studying in the USA. Sarah Jane is passionate about her country, and aspires to be an advocate for its development through a career in diplomacy. With a degree in Political Science and experience working in the Ministry of Energy, Sarah Jane has the necessary prerequisites to shine. In her spare time she enjoys Latin dancing, keeping fit, playing the violin and horse riding. She is a huge fan of Roald Dahl, and also loves reading books by authors of the lost generation, including Hemmingway and Steinbeck. She is also fluent in Mandarin.

Miss US Virgin Islands  Anisk Tonge.JPG

Miss US Virgin Islands Anisk Tonge Age:23

Aniska is a budding journalist from the tropical US Virgin Islands. Currently writing for Live Inspired Magazine, she is also a TV personality, hosting live events. Her goal is to become an award winning journalist, gaining national and perhaps international recognition. Aniska also loves to dance, citing modern jazz & Broadway as her two favourite styles. She also likes to listen to jazz music, namely old school, as well as blues and a bit of country. When it comes to food, her favourite meal is steak (medium-well) with a loaded jacket potato.

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