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Singer MonChérie Drops New Single “Billy Billy Boom Boom,” Vows to Bring Culture Back to Modern Musi

Rising international music sensation, MonChérie, continues her quest for recognition as one of this generation's most dynamic young music artists. After her music debut earlier this year, which unleashed the major hit single, "No Santa," the singer has followed up that effort with her heavily awaited and equally energetic new song, "Billy Billy Boom Boom."

The 20-year-old St. Lucian songstress is on the last leg of a busy 2014 campaign that showcased a unique musical infusion of reggae/dancehall, pop and R&B. Her magnetic persona and sultry voice has captured the attention of industry insiders across the U.S. and the Caribbean and most have little doubt of her potential for super stardom.


"My goal is to bring hot music and a new sound to the industry," said MonChérie, who sites Jamaican dancehall trailblazers Lady Saw and Patra as her musical influences. "But I also want to bring back the culture to Caribbean music by representing this generation. It is not old school, but it is a mixture of African and West Indian styles and sounds. You will see a lot of dancing. That is what I wanted to get across with Billy Boom."

Although “Billy Boom” has an island feel to it, MonChérie is adamant about the desire for her music to transcend the Caribbean music scene.

“My music is about pulling cultures together and taking my sound to an international level where everyone can move and vibe to it,” she said. “I believe I have a sound and message that can reach anyone, no matter where they are from. I definitely will be tackling social issues pertaining to women, relationship problems, life-problems and sharing some feel good, happy music.”

Aside from her music, MonChérie is never one to leave her fans hanging. She is a constant presence on social media; updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with inspirational messages, photos and behind the scenes footage of video shoots. She wants her followers to capture the full scope of who she is and to share in her musical journey.


“I want to open doors for new and even old Caribbean artists to do the same thing I am doing here in America. It is all about inspiring and encouraging one another,” she said. “Hopefully the work that I am doing now will pave the way for others who have dreams similar to mine.”

In 2015, MonChérie plans to release new projects and she is also looking to explore possible collaborations with other big name artists. For all important news and updates, fans should access her Facebook page at

The official video for “Billy Billy Boom Boom” can be viewed on YouTube. The song is also available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play.

To schedule an interview with MonChérie, contact Ivan Thomas at202.904.4790 or

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