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Guy Perfectly Recreates Photos of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Other Celebs

Canadian student Mina Georges is channeling Caribbean queens Rihanna and Nicki Minaj amongst other celebrities to parody their famous photos.

Rihanna and Mina Gerges in provocative pose.jpg

Rihanna's provocative pose

On his Instagram page ”Keeping Up With Mina”, the 20 year old Western University recreated various images parodying a celebrity photographs, such as Nicki Minaj's seductive pose naked in a bath of milk.

Nicki-minj and Mina pose in bath of milk.jpg

Nicki Minaj's seductive naked pose in a bath of milk

nicki-Minaj and mina Gerges sequeined Corset.jpg

Nicki Minaj's sequined corset pose

Gerges started the parody photos over a year ago uses material from his home and from the Dollar Store.

Beyonce and mina Gerges in Fishtail Dress.jpg

Channeling Beyoncé’s fishtail dress look

Katy Perry Pose.jpg

Recreating Katy Perry's pose

Kim Kardashion and mina Gerges.jpg

Kim Kardashian BUTT pose

Kim Kardashion and mina Gerges pose.jpg

Kim Kardashian and with Kanye West ecstatic expression pose

To keep up with Mina, follow him @keepingupwithmina.

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