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CRISTAL "Make You Love Me", The New Voice of St. Lucia

A sparkling jewel as the name suggests, CRISTAL a truly magnificent gemstone, rich in musicality from one of the purest islands of the Caribbean, St. Lucia!

She is versatile and unique with an exceptional voice capable of capturing the melody, sentiments and moods of several genres of music: reggae, Dancehall, pop, RnB, Soul music etc.


Cristal is also a great "performer" and backup singer. Her experience has taken her year-round through the Caribbean Islands and the United States.

This year, Cristal’s focus is on her new single "Make You Love Me". In this song, Cristal plays with her charms and seduction; destined to use them to influence and seduce her lover and make him her own.

"Make you love Me" is available on ITUNES and all other sites that offer legal downloading. Pulled ONe Riddim "WAY Angels" project title presented by the Unity Concept Association, mixed by DJ FLy, under the Eclectik Music label.

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