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Actress, Model and TV host Radio Personality - FELISHA LOUD

There are no coincidences; everything in the universe has its appointed divine order. I started working at Irie Jam Radio in their event management department about a year ago for their annual IRIE FASHION RAVE event. Throughout the day and amid many assignments and models ‘making haste’ to change from look to look; there was one exquisite beauty who stood out from rest. Her personality was just as ravishing as her look and, as I studied the young lady more I realized this just wasn’t just ANY model. It was THE Felisha Loud. Actress, Model, TV host, Radio personality, (and the list goes on) – all while being a mother and wife. Over a year and many industry events later, I had the chance to have the BEST candid one-on-one in my career to date; with this Port Royal, Jamaica W.I born and raised Empress and mega force. You will be ready to go out after reading her awe-inspiring story and immediately start to be L.O.U.D.

Who would have thought a little girl from the "Fishing Village" would go from catching octopus for fun to WORLD NOTED and respected Caribbean muse?


Felisha LORD practically came out the womb as this unstoppable force of talent. At age 2, she started dancing everywhere her little feet took her. At age 7, she traded her dancing shoes for BOOKS but, not in the way you think. Young Lord took books and put them on her head in hopes of starting an incomparable local modeling career. "FASHION competitions ONLY! Who is anyone to tell you who is the most BEAUTIFUL?" proclaims Miss Lord. As she was leaving her competitors in the dust and growing into her teenage yet; model-esqe body, conquering the local scene seemed like nothing in comparison to how she could be (killing it) in all the places around the world she has always admired on T.V.


Upon entering and ultimately "loosing" one of the most rated Fashion competitions; Felisha walked away with the best offer of them all. Young Demands had judges and pageant personnel so intrigued that she was appointed her first temporary visa to pursue modeling go sees. After learning the "ins and outs" of the business, especially as it came to finances; she thought "Why wait to be hired, when you can create my OWN opportunities?"

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