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Sir Sidney Poitier Joins host Travolta Cooper on The Cinema

Hollywood legend Sir Sidney Poitier will be joining the second season of the series The Cinema, with host Travolta Cooper.

The Cinemas is a bi-weekly web and TV show taking a look at the world of Galleria Cinemas, currently airs on Tempo TV throughout the Caribbean region. The show first began as a series of small segments for the web. Shortly after, it was picked up by Cable Bahamas for a half hour version and by the time the show wrapped in October 2014, it was the top rated local show on Cable 12 and one of the top rated local shows on television in the Bahamas.

It is the brainchild of its host, Bahamian writer, director, and producer Travolta Cooper. The Cinemas is designed to promote and encourage the new wave of Caribbean Cinema happening in the Region and around the world. The show consists of movie reviews and interviews with a Caribbean twist.

The second part of The Cinemas will air beginning Thursday March 26th. Check your local listings.

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