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New Caribbean Talk Show "Girls 'N Cocktails" to Premiere on Tempo Networks

Girls 'N Cocktails, a talkshow for the ambitious Caribbean woman, will premiere on Tempo networks on the 29th of april @ 7pm Eastern time!

Watch the trailer here:

The show

The show is hosted by three women, and is recorded in a high-end cocktail bar. Along with the audience the ladies discuss relevant actualities such as, Beauty and Double standards when it comes to Black and White women in media/entertainment, or debate on why Black people are Christians, when history clearly shows that this religion was forced upon us during slavery.

A positive representation of Caribbean women in international media

The show is about Caribbean women speaking their mind and debating with each other in a respectful and smart manner. As the executive producer of the show, I really feel that we are underrepresented in international television and media platforms when it comes to our intelligence, ambitions and well-formed opinions. With Girls 'N Cocktails, I aim to fill that gap.

A European production

The recordings of Girls 'N Cocktails take place in the Netherlands and the majority of the audience in the show exists of Afro-Europeans hailing from the Caribbean and Africa, but our target is the Caribbean woman globally.

Where to watch?

Our broadcaster is Tempo Networks.

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