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Nick Cannon and Whoopi Goldberg to star in"King of the Dancehall" movie set in Jamaica

Nick Cannon, Whoopi Goldberg, Busta Rhymes and Karl Bradshaw are currently in Jamaica shooting a movie called "King of the Dancehall". Other stars include Jamaican actors Dorothy Cunningham, Camille Davis and Kimberly Patterson.

Nick Cannon on the set of "King of the Dancehall"

The movie is about a young man from Brooklyn, New York with Jamaican heritage who visited the Island and falls in the music and culture. It surrounds the island's dynamic Dancehall culture where dance crews battle each other at nightly street parties creating explosive, spontaneous entertainment.

The set of "King of the Dancehall"

Top local entertainers are slated to make cameo appearances, such as Beenie Man the ‘King of the Dancehall’, Sean Paul, Ky’Mani Marley, Ninja Man and TOK.

No word on when the movie will be released.

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