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Dreadlocks Story documentary at Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

Dreadlocks Story, is the first and only documentary to explore the spiritual links between Jamaican Rastas and Indian Sadhus. A form of self-expression born from colonialist oppression, dreadlocks are a symbol of perseverance from an often misunderstood cultural movement. Dreadlocks Story not only reminds audiences of the rich cultural and ethnic heritage of Jamaica's people, but also speaks to the similarities between the experiences of Africans in the transatlantic slave trade and Indian laborers forced into servitude. A diverse mix of world music and affecting interviews, Dreadlocks Story honors Rasta culture and its global influences.

The documentary was filmed in four countries (France, India, Jamaica and the US) with four different languages (French, Hindi, Jamaican

Patois and English) and four local crews. It covers a part of Jamaican and Indian history. It also gives a new approach to sensitive topics about

beliefs and taboos.

There are many misperceptions and judgments about the Rasta way of

life, but few have taken the time to understand the meaning behind their

behavior. Hairstyle is the most universal and unavoidable form of body

art. It is also one of the most interesting and commonly misunderstood.

How and why can it be subject to prejudice and massacre?

Dreadlocks Story tackles a social justice issue (misrepresentation of the Rasta community) that is highly controversial in Jamaica, and around the world. The film also uses a vibrant world music soundtrack, and includes interviews from Reggae legend David Hinds of Steel Pulse.

Dreadlocks Story is an Official Selection of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival and will soon be screened at Port of Spain. To learn about Dreadlocks Story visit their website

About the Director

Being an Anthropologist who loves working with misunderstood communities all over the world, and growing up as a child from two different cultures parents, LINDA AÏNOUCHE was born in France, and has ended up in New York City after having stayed in a couple of countries.

Everything comes at just the right moment! She came out with this project to give a new platform to both Rastafari movement and Indian legacy. No doubt, she owns a background which drives her to know the amazing and important results of cultural sources as well as the difficulties to accept and combine them.

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