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The global expansion of Meiling Inc. on

You are invited to be a part of the ‘soft’ virtual launch of the long-awaited online global expansion of Meiling Inc. today, Wednesday 16th September 2015.

The Catalyst

As is tradition, the customer remains at the center of all business decisions made at Meiling Inc. For years, our clients in the US and Canada have been clamouring for the brand to be more easily accessible outside of the Caribbean.

In a 2014 survey, 100% of Meiling Inc. customers who live and work in the US and Canada said they would buy the brand online if they could not visit Trinidad to purchase and enthusiastically support an official, exclusive, international online retail platform and distribution service where they could access the brand they love.

The Spark

Earlier this year, Rue La La, ( a select, membership-based online and mobile retail platform with over 800,000 followers on social media and 14 million global members, invited Meiling Inc. to partner and provide carefully chosen iconic fashion items to be featured in its prestigious online retail community.

Meiling Inc. is the first and only Caribbean designer to ever be hand-picked for a space on the site. The T&T fashion label was featured on Rue La La for a limited time only - between (9 th to 15 th September 2015).

The Unveiling

“Live in M” in your style – the official online retail community for Meiling Inc.

Meiling Inc., in joint venture with Live in M, a new Canadabased online retailer, has taken the first steps toward expanding its signature, high quality services beyond T&T’s shores by way of a global online retail service.

Live in M is an online retail community that is opening up opportunities for niche designers seeking direct interaction with fashion customers in USA and Canada. Its business strategy is one that promotes shopping off-the-beaten-path to discover original, authentic and high-quality fashion collections by niche designers from all over the world.

“We often feel alone in our choices. But we are not as alone as we might think. Live in M means Live in “Me” – Live in the Moment, and endorses the customer’s right to make unique fashion choices in any facet of her life. The live in M online social community makes it easier than ever for customers to share the choices they stand by - not only in their lives but in style choices of their living environment.”

– Live in M

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