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Trini Author, Jennylynd James Ph.D. releases new book, Dérivé: A Trini Expat Comes Home

TORONTO, Canada – Trini Author, Jennylynd James, Ph.D. who was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago is excited about her latest memoir entitled, Dérivé: A Trini Expat Comes Home.

Dérivé (pronounced Dreevay) is French for drift, go off course, or gallivant. At nineteen, Jennylynd James drifted for the first time from her home in Trinidad and Tobago to attend university abroad. It was the start of a lifelong passion for travel and adventure.

This expatriate’s quest to find balance between the need for adventure and the desire to return home is described in a witty collection of stories of nostalgia and mad risk-taking. With a mix of humour and colloquial sayings of Trinidad and Tobago, the reader is drawn into the lifestyle and culture of this Caribbean melting pot.

Jennylynd now lives in Toronto, Canada where she has embraced self expression in art, music, and writing.

Dérivé: A Trini Expat Comes Home makes for great reading during the holidays and is available on and illustrated e-books on Amazon Kindle. Get your copy today!

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