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New Release: Water Truck Riddim

Following on the heals of the Bandwagon Riddim, Backyard TV present another original composition name the "Water-Truck Riddim". The Water-Truck Riddim was created for the purpose of Presenting two Exclusive peace Anthems.

Young Reggae sensation, Tafari Lorman gave us the first one with a song called: "Back And Forth. The other song is a Words and harmony composition by the dynamic Mr Owner name: "Stop The War". We hope these songs will encourage the world to take a pause for peace... and take this opportunity to show love and respect for one another.

As the young little Water boy, Howell remembered that his Grandmother had put him in charge of making sure that water was always in the house at nights. Howell catch so much heat from his grandmother because he never took his job seriously until recently he was visited upon with the full knowledge of the meaning of what he was doing and understands that mama was preparing him to be a healer. The Water Truck is here to cool things down!


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