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Tifa Renews Endorsement Deal With Digicel For 6th Year

After her inaugural singing in 2010 Dancehall diva Tifa on Monday renewed her commitment to telecommunications giant Digicel for the sixth consecutive year.

Tifa, whose given name is Latifa Brown, renewed her endorsement deal with the company which sees her acting in the capacity of brand ambassador throughout Jamaica and the wider diaspora.

Weighing in on the occasion, Tifa said it is always a pleasure to be afforded the opportunity to work with a corporate giant such as Digicel.

“I am very pleased with the opportunity to be one of Digicel’s brand ambassadors as it allows me the opportunity to not just entertainment but also educate my fans and the masses more about the awesome work Digicel has been doing and to be a part of this movement for six years is definitely a blessing.”

Digicel senior sponsorship manager Daniela McLean also spoke about the endorsement, says the telecom giant is elated with the partnership.

“We are happy to be renewing our partnership with Tifa. She has been a great Dancehall artiste who exemplifies the energy of our customers. We look forward seeing her grow and continue to make strides in the music industry.”

Meanwhile, come February 20th at the National Indoor Sports Center Tifa will vie for top honours in the following categories at the 2016 Youth View Awards: 'Favourite Local Female Artiste Of The Year', 'Fashion Icon Female', 'Young Hot & Hype Female of the Year' and'Favourite Music Collaboration Hit Song for 2015'

The ‘Jealous Ova’ singer is currently promoting her 'Belleh Remix' featuring Sanjay, Demarco and Shelly Belly and is expected to release a number of new projects in the weeks ahead.


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