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A museum honoring the life and work of Peter Tosh to open this Summer

Reggae legend Peter Tosh, will be honored with a Museum will be opened at the Pulse Centre on Trafalgar Road in St Andrew, this summer.

The opening of the Peter Tosh Museum is seen as symbolic as and it comes on the 40th anniversary of the release of the classic and prophetic hit single, Legalize It.

Fans of the iconic singer will be able to see a collection of fascinating memorabilia and artifacts, including Tosh's famous M16 guitar and his beloved unicycle that became one of his favorite means of transportation.

This is an important turning point in the preservation and advancement of my father's legacy and the museum will allow my father's message of equal rights and justice to be heard by generations, both young and old,” said Niambe McIntosh, daughter of Tosh.

Niambe McIntosh (left), Peter Tosh’s daughter and executor of the Peter Tosh Estate, shakes hands with Kingsley Cooper, chairman of Pulse Investments

The agreement was signed at the Jamaican Consulate in New York, last week between the Peter Tosh Estate and popular model agency Pulse Investments.

Peter Tosh (born Winston Hubert McIntosh), was a founding member of The Wailers, which comprised Bunny Livingston and Bob Marley.


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