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UNCLE HOWARD Directed by Aaron Brookner World Premiere: Sundance Film Festival (US Documentary)

UNCLE HOWARD features : Howard Brookner, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, James Grauerholz, Jim Jarmusch, Sara Driver, Brad Gooch, Robert Wilson, Matt Dillon, Madonna, and more

Directed by: Aaron Brookner

Producer: Paula Vaccaro

Co-Producers: Sara Driver, Alex Garcia

Executive Producer: Jim Jarmusch

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 96 minutes

Synopsis: UNCLE HOWARD is an intertwining tale of past and present. New York filmmaker Howard Brookner died of AIDS in 1989, while making his breakthrough Hollywood movie. His body of work, which captured the late 70s and early 80s cultural revolution, was buried in William S. Burroughs' bunker for 30 years. Now in a personal journey, his nephew Aaron unearths Howard's filmmaking legacy and the memory of everything he was.


Monday, January 25 at 3:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema 3, Park City (P&I)

Tuesday, January 26 at 3:00pm, Temple Theatre, Park City (WORLD PREMIERE)

Wednesday, January 27 at 9:00am, Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City

Thursday, January 28 at 9:45pm, Broadway Centre Cinema 6, Salt Lake City

Friday, January 29 at 6:00pm, Redstone Cinema 7, Park City

Saturday, January 30 at 2:30pm, Egyptian Theatre, Park City


with special introduction by Aaron Brookner

Wednesday, January 27 at 5:00pm, Dolly's Bookstore, Park City


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