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Dancehall Artiste KAPRI Breaking Barriers Across Europe With 'My Shorty'

Dwayne Wallace more popularly known as Kapri, has risen out of the city of Kingston, Jamaica as one of the young fresh talents in the new generation of dancehallers. Born and raised in the community of Pembroke Hall in Kingston. As the youngest of seven siblings life wasn't easy growing up but a close knit made things easier.

Wallace attended Pembroke Hall Primary School where he was an avid part of the school's choir; but even then, he had no clue that music was his calling. Later he moved on to Pembroke Hall High School at the age of thirteen and it was there he and others around him started to realize the talent that he had.

Kapri always had a knack for music and he began to put himself out there, being more confident in his music, exposing his talent to family and friends. Kapri had one friend in particular, a friend called Sean “Seanizzle” Reid who was already involved in music at that time. He had worked with many top Jamaican artistes such as Beenie Man, Mavado, Elephant Man, T.O.K just to name a few, he noticed Kapri’s talent and encouraged him to continue doing music Kapri took the advice and started to make appearances at various concerts and stage shows. Wallace recalls a tremendous feedback from the crowds and it was this that pivoted him to wanting to become a professional recording artiste.

After two years Seanizzle and Kapri reunited, Sean invited Kapri to the studio where he was working then. He introduced Kapri to Producer/Recording Artiste “Mr. G” where he auditioned for a riddim called Stepfather. Mr. G invited Kapri to a DJ competition called “Battle Thursdays,” this was a program created to find new talents and as expected he confidently won the battle twice in a row this was the boost that he was looking for in his career as he got interviews from both RETV and Hype TV, two top local Jamaican entertainment stations.

In 2008 Kapri had a major single called “Dear Mama” on the “Creeper Riddim” produced by Seanizzle. Kapri’s single, “Dear Mama” received favourable rotation on the biggest and most popular Jamaican radio stations putting him on a path to become a household name. “Dear Mama” was also featured on Chris Gold Finger’s UK Chart and the single got heavy plays in the Cayman Islands and several endorsements on mix CD’s worldwide.

Kapri is currently in the United States looking to advance his musical career. He recently released a song called ‘My Shorty’ produced by Orlando ”Parana” Coke a fusion between his Jamaican roots and urban pop beat; this single is already getting airplays across Europe. He recently filmed a video for the single shot and directed by David “LUCKY” King who is also a member of Kapri’s empire Home Boyz Family (H.B.F). Kapri is currently working and recording with the collaborative skills of both Orlando” Parana” Coke and Sean “Seanizzle” Reid who plans to take Kapri’s music career beyond the international level not only as an entertainer but also as a brand.

Kapri has proven to be a promising young act with his skillfully crafted songs and rhymes. He is the epitome of talent, hard work, and determination in a person and even more so as an artiste. He is always ready for anything progressive that comes his way, always meeting exceeding and going above the expectations Kapri sees no limits as he says there are no limits for an unchained mind.

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