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Caribbean Cooking Series Taste The Islands Ready for Second Season on National Television

Taste the Islands will begin broadcasting their second season of their national hit TV show in June 2016, Caribbean-American heritage month. The series will continue to air on Create TV and PBS stations around the United States according to show producers Blondie Ras Productions .

Taste the Islands has been applauded for bringing added diversity to public television’s culinary lineup, and will continue that tradition in its next offering. The first season found Taste the Islands reaching 87 percent of US households, introducing Caribbean cuisine and culture to viewers across the country.

Taste The Islands Chefs

In Season 2 the show’s original host, Jamaican Chef Irie, will be joined by Haitian Chef Thia and island explorer Lisa Lee of Cuban-Jamaican heritage.

The new installments also feature Caribbean travel, facilitated by show supporter – the island of Barbados. The show’s audience will visually indulge in native foods and tropical landscapes, and will enjoy cameos by popular Caribbean personalities.

Creator and Executive Producer Calibe Thompson said, “Our team and our national footprint are growing steadily stronger. We could not be more proud of the work we’re doing, sharing our Caribbean traditions with the mainstream audience. We’re excited about the even greater impact we promise to make in 2016.”

On set with Cynthia “Chef Thia” Verna, Lisa “Lisa Lee” Arneaud and Hugh “Chef Irie” Sinclair from Taste the Islands Season 2.

Photo Credit: David I Muir (davidiphoto)

The national rollout begins on June 4th orchestrated by series distributor American Public Television. Taste the Islands is presented by South Florida PBS affiliate WPBT2 where it will premiere at 7:30PM on June 9th.

Watch snippets from Taste the Islands and find traditional and gourmet Caribbean recipes at

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