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Nesbeth Inspires A Nation With "My Dream"

By now we all know that one of the hallmarks of the two major political campaigns for Gordon House in the recently concluded general elections in Jamaica was Nesbeth's monster hit ‘My Dream’. Well the dream of then opposition leader Andrew Holness leading his party to victory after being trounced five years earlier became a reality on Thursday, February 25th as he was sworn in as Jamaica's ninth Prime Minister on Thursday March 3rd ,2016.

In an address to the nation during his inauguration The Most Honorable Prime Minister's said "My Dream is for you to live your dream" drawing reference from a song that had become an inspirational cornerstone for him during his arduous island-wide campaign leading up to this moment. So on Thursday afternoon after receiving a personal invitation from the Prime Minister designate, Reggae recording artiste Nesbeth had to be present to perform the song in what has gone down in the annals of Jamaican politics as an historical moment when Prime Minister Holness joined him on stage to sing and share in the momentous occasions, much to the adulation of those in attendance.

For Nesbeth, despite the untimely loss of his beloved wife Ann-Marie Elliott-Nesbeth , it was a proud moment nonetheless and another step in upward mobility for the Reggae genre. He however got a chance to grieve publicly for the first time at the reception at Vale Royal where he delivered a tearful tribute to his wife ."Too much fi one man bear" said Nesbeth as the tears flowed freely, following the moving performance the Prime Minister in a gesture of comfort offered his condolence to the singer and his family.

Lamenting on the situation Nesbeth said, “This day will go down in history for many including I&I. Today I realised that the strength of a man comes from deep within," The task of performing during this time of grieving seemed liked an uphill task, but I thought about instilling hope in the people of Jamaica and that propel led me to perform. Then I came to realise we have two choice in times of adversity, hold on to our dreams and keep inching forward or allow our dreams to die."

Despite the mix of emotions for Nesbeth, his Entertainment Soul produced single My Dream continues to be a tower of strength in his own life amid opening a plethora of career opportunities. My Dream recently won song of the year at the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association - JARIA award ceremony and now enjoys premium rotation on BBC 1Xtra following last week’s announcement of the record being upgraded to their A-List alongside top tier acts such as Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar among others. The song is also doing very well on Capitol Xtra (Britain), Hot 97FM (New York) and currently occupies the No.1 spot for five consecutive weeks in Jamaica while bullying its way to the top of the Barbados and St. Kitts & Nevis charts respectively.

Meanwhile, Nesbeth's latest body of work an EP titled Victory, available on all major digital platforms.. is described as solid modern roots reggae compilation that builds the foundation to carry Nesbeth’s message of upliftment, consciousness, and perseverance. While many protagonists of the reggae renaissance come from uptown Kingston, Nesbeth endured the dire conditions of inner-city communities like Maxfield Avenue, Arnett Gardens and Trench Town and knows all too well what he sings about when he employs lines like “Been through the worst of my worst days/now I can taste victory”. In his single titled ‘Taste Victory.’

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