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Meet Juliet Robin; Composer, Arranger, Producer and Vocalist

Juliet Robin is the daughter of Former Director Of Culture Melville Robin and Rosalind Robin. She is classically trained in string, woodwind, and keyboard instruments and specializes in the violin, clarinet, piano and recently added bass and drums. At the age of 15 she was the youngest musician in the band that toured Europe extensively performing at various music festivals. She is a former member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Symphony Orchestra which was founded by her father, where she started with the violin and later switched to the viola. She was invited at the age of 18 to Venezuela to perform with the Caracas Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Trinidand and Tobago Former Director Of Culture Melville Robin

Juliet is a composer, arranger, producer, vocalist and teacher and has performed as a keyboardist and vocalist for several bands including, Charlie’s Roots, Dr. Roy Cape, Chandelier, Andre Tankar, Mano Marcelin, prophet Benjamin, the jazz pickle female jazz band, The Ruiz brothers under leader “Senor Ruiz”and Kelly Green and harmony band. She has provided musical accompaniment for several artists including David Rudder, Machel Montano Destra Garcia, and several popular Jamaican artists. She has worked with several international artists which include Terry Brock from the band Kansas and Jarmo Hoogendijk “jazz trumpeter” from The Netherlands.

Send one your love performed by Juliet Robin and friends live at Fiesta Plaza Movietowne

Juliet was contacted by Jocelyne Guilbault, Professor of Music, French-and English-speaking Caribbean music, Caribbean diasporas in The Americas, theory and method in poplar music studies aesthetics, cultural politics in musical production and circulation, from the University of California Berkeley, to be included in a book entitled “ A life in the calypso and soca bandstand” about Saxophonist and bandleader Dr. Roy Cape She is the only female musician to be featured in Dr. Roy Cape’s book.

Juliet has held the position of Musical Director and Choir Master at various private schools preparing children for public performances, competitions and examinations.

Although she is the leader of her own Latin Jazz band she has made it clear that they do different genres, and she also composes different styles.

One of her latest compositions is a reggae song entitled “Strange Things” Neil Jason Alexander presented her with a “riddim” called “the August Riddim” which was produced by Neil and Curtis Bling at Star Studios in Santa Cruz. She composed the lyrics and melody. The song has been doing extremely well on the Indigenous Charts, as it has been at the top of the charts 4 times to date. The video for “Strange Things” was also done by Neil Jason Alexander who is currently editing it.

Last year Juliet sang a pan song called “Take It Higher” It was composed, produced, and arranged by Miguel Camps. This year her panorama song was called “A groovy pan song”. Once again it was composed produced and arranged by Miguel Camps. It was the choice of the Sangre Grande Cordettes in the large band category.

Juliet also works at various studios where she either plays the keyboards or sings background vocals. Recently she has been busy doing background vocals for a lot of artists who sing Chutney style because according to her “they like my style, approach, harmonies and professionalism.”

Juliet stresses that even though her main love is Latin Jazz music, she always welcomes a new challenge. For this reason she is currently working on different musical projects. She is currently composing lyrics and melody for “The Melanin Riddim” which was done by Druce ‘JAGmeister’ which was done at his studio called S.I.L.O. Productions. This song will be released in May 2K16 and is a blend of EDM and Soca marinated with the essence of African music.

She is also recording an inspirational song called ‘No Short Cut To Success.’ It was written, composed, arranged and produced by Michael A. Edwards and engineered at the studio of Jason Dasent. She is also working on a gospel duet with talented musician, producer, arranger and vocalist Gabriel Pierre at his own studio. She is also composing some lyrics and melody to a lot of music that was sent to her by Brian “Bad Company” Mitchell, which will be recorded at his studio called “Bad Company Music.”

Her band performed at the AMMBCON showcasing which was organized by Ask Promotions and she admits that she learned so much from the seminars leading up to her performances that she is taking a different approach to her Latin Jazz CD. International producer Roger Ryan and talented producer Navid Lancaster will be producing her CD.

Juliet is very busy these days working on compositions, studio recordings, co hosting on radio and recently added television and promotion. She admits that it is a lot of work but her job is also her hobby and she will have it no other way.

She donates her talents to charities including performing at orphanages, as this is a cause that is near and dear to her heart; she continues to share her musical knowledge with anyone who is interested in perusing music as a career.

For bookings Juliet can be contacted at

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