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Meet Kerra Denel "Mizz Kayz" - Humanitarian, Print Model, Voice Talent and Event Planner

Driven by kindness and killer ambition to change the world; The lovely Kerra Denel fiercely takes on plethora of opportunities to do so. From Serial Humanitarian, Print Model, Voice Talent, Event Planner (and the list goes on....) Miss Denel is refreshingly open with CEM about exploring, dreaming and discovering her life as she is well on her way to be one of the greatest Caribbean Cultural magnates of our time.

The allurement of 'Mizz Kayz' is not only infectious but, extremely undeniable. With a following over 10k (that grows by the day), effortless incomparable beauty and a schedule that is consistently booked keeping up with Kerra is getting more exciting with every jet-setter Instagram post.

"My purpose on earth is to make a positive impact and teach people the importance of BELIEF IN SELF".

Born in Trinidad and raised in 'The 6' (Toronto, Canada) to African/Indian/Chinese Native Trinidadian parents - it was their influence (alongside her grandmother Miss Gloria)and a trip to a local Toronto Mas Camp and Panyard that created the passion and incentive for working in the Caribbean entertainment world.

KD: I remember one afternoon my friend took me to visit a Mas camp, Calalloo and a Panyard, Afropan Steelband. This was the first time I was exposed to these environments in Canada and my life was changed as a result of this experience. My realization for how much I loved my Caribbean culture became more apparent. I was brought back to my roots, which in turn drove me to become a cultural ambassador. From there, I was compelled to further my passion in the entertainment industry with the main focus being the Caribbean. I worked with different Mas Bands, modeling and helping create magnificent pieces, and became a member of Afropan Steelband, which allowed me to play Steelpan music on the Carnival parade route. I also volunteered my time to help market the band and assist in coordinating a variety of events. With every coming year my involvement in the Caribbean community has grown tremendously and I continue to promote my culture worldwide.

From then to now, Denel has been involved in countless of some of the most successful Caribbean events in our diaspora including but, not limited to:

Colors Of The Caribbean (Florida) – Event Coordinator

Carib Style Week (Florida) – Event Coordinator

Spark The Conversation ( Toronto) - Event Planner

Krave The Band – Launch (Barbados) – Event Coordinator

Winterlicious – (New York) – Event Planner

Inferno – (New York) – Event Planner

TriniJungleJuice – (Canada) Team Lead Manager

Day Dreams – (Toronto) - Host

Xcapefest (Curacao) - Event Coordinator

CEM: What prompted Kerra loves kids?

KD: My grandmother Ms. Gloria was and continues to be the inspiration behind Kerra Loves Kids. She was widely known within her community as a loving and caring individual who gave from her heart to those in need; whether that need was financial or emotional, she gave with no expectations, just solely for the sheer joy and love for people. Sadly, granny departed our world in June, 2014. God called her home; it is my belief that her services and love for her fellowman was much more needed by Him. It was soon after, upon self-reflection and soul searching, I embarked on the journey to not only honor the memory of my grandmother, but also to strive to be a reflection of her. By founding Kerra Loves Kids, I am able to do just that. CEM: What was your first experience in being a humanitarian?

KD: I travelled to New York City in my early teenage years and while walking through the airport I noticed an elderly woman who was crying and had the look of panic in her eyes. People were passing by as though she wasn’t even visible. I decided to stop and ask her what was wrong which is when I recognized she only spoke Spanish. Fortunately, I remembered a few words from my high school Spanish class and I was able to have basic communication with her. It turned out that she had lost her cell phone and it was her first time flying alone to the United States. She didn’t understand the process to exit the airport and was also frantic because she didn’t know how to reach her son who was picking her up for the first time. I escorted the lovely woman through security, assisted with getting her luggage and somehow managed to get a contact number for her son. I patiently waited with her until he arrived and when she saw him her expression instantly changed from sorrow to joy. Both her and her son could not stop thanking me for helping; she kissed me on my forehead over and over saying, “God bless you princesa.” That moment forever left an imprint in my heart because I realized that the smallest gesture can leave the biggest impact on a person’s day.

CEM: What do you have coming up in 2016? KD: In April I embarked on a new phase of my life to further my event-coordinating career through working with Aifos Agency from Miami.

I recently began another business venture, KERR 4U under the company It Works. My plan is to help individuals live a healthier lifestyle and provide them with an option to have financial freedom.

I am looking to grow my not-for-profit organization Kerra Loves Kids in the Caribbean and continue to influence the lives of those children who are less fortunate.

I will be maintaining my involvement with Krave The Band, Team Soca and OC Events NYC in New York through a number of projects.

My business partner and I have held a few Krush events in NYC and our ultimate goal is to expand our events across the globe.

As I continue to grow my own personal brand, I will be taking advantage of modeling/hosting/voiceover opportunities locally and internationally.

I plan to utilize my talents and align myself with all available avenues that allow m to become the strong, independent, business woman that I strive to be.

It is important to me to always invest in myself, so over the next few months I will be attending personal development seminars to further my knowledge and elevate my mind.

Aside from the business aspect of my life, I strongly believe in absorbing the world around us while finding inspiration through travel; meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

Two of my favorite mottos that I live by are “Life begins outside of your comfort zone” and “I’d rather try and fail than fail to try.”

With such a busy schedule we all want to know when the does this combination of beauty, brains & business have time to relax and how does she look so amazing doing it. She puts CEM onto her most rated beauty regiments such as:

KD: - I wash my face every morning/night and moisturize thoroughly with Aveeno

- I keep my skin radiant by using It Works exfoliating peel twice a week

- I always remove my makeup with aloe vera cleansing wipes

- I never go outside without sunblock (minimum spf 30 year round)

- I brush white sugar on my lips ever so often to get rid of chapped skin (especially in the winter) then follow-up with Vaseline

- I wash my hair once a week and put leave in conditioner or coconut oil

- Mani/Pedi once every two weeks

- I get 8 hours of rest every night

" I want to create the life I deserve to live... I want to live a rich life. Rich in health. Rich in family. Rich in knowledge. Rich in adventure. Rich in laughter. Rich in love."

And her list of hobbies is just as long as her achievements - including:

Traveling ;Listening to music; Dancing; Cooking; Watching movies; Volunteering

Blogging; Reading; Sports – basketball and soccer; and Photography

CEM: What is your favorite place back home? Why?

KD: Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago is one of nature’s simple treasures. Every time I visit this beach, it stimulates my mind and cleanses my heart and soul. I honestly believe in a past life I was a mermaid, because there’s something about being in/by the ocean that makes me feel connected to it. It’s unexplainable but it leaves me with a feeling of complete peace and happiness. No worries in the world, just pure bliss!

Possessing the traits of her Libra scale., Kerra is only just beginning in her efforts to let nations and generations know, indeed, "SHE WAS HERE"

CEM:I want to be remembered as .....

KD: I want to be remembered as a woman who was a giver of love and someone who was full of life; an individual who supported and uplifted others and inspired them to find strength within themselves to do the impossible. Someone who was kind and made others feel good even if it was just a smile.

CEM: Being a Trinidadian Woman is (ONE WORD)

KD: Exhilarating!


This article is dedicated to the memory of Kerra's grandmother Ms Gloria, who passed away in June 2 years ago.


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