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U.S.V.I Soca Songstress Rudy Live Thrills The Masses at 2016 St. John's Carnival

Captivating, Catchy, Exciting all words that have been used to describe the vibrant and charming Rudy Live and on July 2nd at the St. John 2016 Festival Village the soca star made due on those accolades.

Photo credit: VIShowcase and Tyrek Roach Photography. Left to Right - Geffri (dancer), RudyLive and Kristin (dancer)

The soca songstress and her dancers enthralled the masses with their sensual energetic moves, while Rudy Live delivered a stellar on stage performance of her hits like "Saddled Up", "R.U.D.E", "No Matter" and "Carnival Calling". During her set, Rudy Live had the masses so captivated and hypnotized that one of patrons became so enamored that she promptly pulled him on stage to the delight of the crowd (watch video).

"USVI is my heart and when it comes to performing home I always go harder cause this is my foundation and I want my island to be proud of me. I love to take the stage, it is my way of connecting with my fans and music lovers, I want them to enjoy the Rudy Live Experience from start to finish." stated a still excited and proud Rudy Live. Rudy Live is back on the road hard at work on the promotional trail of her vibrant single "Saddle Up" and getting ready for more shows.

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