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Why Not Jamaica Mon?

Don’t you just think Jamaica is the one of the most fascinating Caribbean islands? Makes you wonder why they imitate the Jamaica’s dialect, music, dance and cultural so much right? But before you visit Jamaica I'm sure you have heard a few stereotypical things as you would of any third world country. But, for the most influential island around the world, why is it still considered third world? Jamaica, the land of wood and water is monumental for its people, music and food.

I must say though, I have encountered and introducing myself boldly as a Jamaican when I travel, the question of uncertainty never fails to become a subject. But, as proud Jamaican as I am, it’s with great pleasure to sell the paradise where I live, love and treasure. Granted, not all Jamaican have the luxury to enjoy the country’s tourist attractions. On the other hand, they never failed to endorse our rich cultural proudly.

But let me answer your question, why not Jamaica mon? It’s inevitably the landscape itself, that great green garden that constitutes one of the most beautiful islands surrounded by that Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is the most quintessential island of them all . The island that proclaim “Out of many one people.” It begins with crystalline waters flowing over the gardens of the coral, lapping onto soft sandy beaches, then rising past the red soil and the lush banana groves onto sheer mountains. This is powerfully beautiful that will captivate to the eyes and soul of any tourist. So why not Jamaica mon?

Jamaica is far from stereotypical, it isn’t about being Rastafarian, smoking weed, living by the beaches and partying non- stop. And in that case I’ve complied of five reasons why you should come vacation where I live, Jamaica mon!

I'm convinced that, only in Jamaica you will be a complete stranger and yet feel right at home. The country’s vibration of mix ethic groups will give you a touch of paradise leaving you stress free and wanting more vacation time for sure . After reading this article you would better Identifying the culture, its heritage and the country’s prize possession and what is it rich for.

The Icons

Let’s talk about influential, at its highest: the philosopher, Marcus Messiah Garvey, the reggae singer Robert Nesta Marley better known as (Bob Marley) and the track star Usain Bolt, (Fastest man alive). Do you know what they all have in common? They all mold Jamaica into more than just a dot on the global map. The black, green and gold is defined elaborately anywhere in the world. One thing is for certain, you should know about these men is that, they were all born and raised in the rural part in Jamaica; so their lives were far from luxurious. Through their passion and determination it is highlighted in their success making them the most influential men to date in our history books.

Political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator who was a proponent of the Pan-Africanism movement, to which end he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. He also founded the Black Star Line, a shipping and passenger line which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands.

Bob Marley has revolutionized soulful reggae music internationally and have commercialized and capitalized on the impact of his music around the world. He has not only produced great music for the world, but Marley is a brand, and even after his death, his legacy lives on. It is indeed Bob Marley, the Rastafarian smoking the marijuana on any T-shirt or souvenir when walking through the airports. Like Marcus Garvey you can sight see their statue and museum . It is indeed a historical experience.

Bolt is one of the most controversial athletes on the track. Don't be fooled by his jovial and outgoing personality on and off the track because he isn't called the world fastest man for no reason. Bolt changed the way people look at tracks and field. Working hard but have fun while doing it is defiantly a motto he goes by. His signature pose before and after his races “to the world” is so fascinating so people do it right along with as a form of celebration.

Reggae/Dancehall its influences

The authenticity of reggae and dancehall culture is enchanting; the rhythm, dancing and lyrical content. However, there is a little differentiation between the art of dancehall and reggae. You have to come Jamaica and experience the deep rooted capital of Kingston. The dynamic of the dancehall scene is the most intriguing when you experience loud sound system, mouth watering Jerk Chicken, dancing and video/camera personnels all over; trust and believe you will surpass your exceptions leaving you astonishment. The environment is pretty exciting. Going from event to event in one night believe it or not you will be amazed.The hardcore dancehall music has to do with the rhythm and the aggressive nature of the lyrical content. It is clearly something great, because international artiste (Hip Hop, Soca) take samples of Jamaican music to endorse their music and albums. On the other hand, reggae is world music, where the music is heartfelt with the emphasis on political and social issues and feeling liberated. People from all over the world is wooed by reggae and they themselves have started their career in this musical path. Music feels no pain, I tell you! Reggae revolutionized with younger talent singing and playing instruments. Reggae music and its ital lifestyle are highly influenced by the Rastafarian culture.


Dolphin Cove

Oh boy! The breath taking beaches, rivers, cliffs are like sceneries from a post card. From the white to the black sand, stretching from the west to the east coastal line of Jamaica will tingle between your toes as the warmth of the sun and luscious breeze blow on your skin. The recreation scene in Jamaica goes from being a daredevil, cliff jumping to swimming with dolphins. There are a few things you can mark off your bucket list, surfing,kayaking, windsurfing, zip lining, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving excursions. In addition to hiking into the blue mountain peak (Jamaica’s highest mountain ) Going to historical museums such as Bob Marley museum (Kingston & St.Ann) and Appleton Estate; visiting Great houses like (Devon House and Anne Palmer’s) Art exhibitions and monumental parks ( Emancipation park) is an adventure.


The food ! Oh my God! what makes Jamaica food so scrumptious? There are countless of Jamaican restaurant all over the world. I can confess to you, that it is definitely how it being seasoned. The taste will leave you speechless and you would be begging for the recipe eventuall. Popular food are: patties, rice & peas, oxtail, curry chicken& goat and the Ackee and salt fish just to name a few. I must mention the Jamaican beer; Red Stripe. You can have it cold or hot on any given day and even with your meal.


Yes! little did you know Jamaica is fully capable commercially. There are no worries about sending off that email you have a deadline for, internet access is at its best! And of course, we also have digital cable and smart phones. Again! What third world country? More and more Jamaicans are traveling all over the world and as such are acquainted to international assets and cuisine. Jamaicans has so many brand name vehicles such as: (BMW of the latest series, VW, Range Rovers, Audi, Jaguar etc. ) Not to mention the different cuisines (Mandarin, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, African, Italian and of course Jamaica) restaurant.

Now, am I convincing enough? Im sure I have. See you in Jamaica in Jamaica mon.


By: Shenea Pia Jordine

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