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Nesbeth, his Children and Management Receives Death Threats from U.K Promoters

Nesbeth and his management team currently in the United Kingdom for a triad of concerts in London, Birmingham and Luton over the weekend has found themselves in the cross-hairs of a series of death threats being issued by the concert promoters. (Xtra Classy Promotions, Young Ones Ent and Vybes Classic)

The threats sent via several voice notes to his U.K based manager Shanika Dobson’s phone saw the very irate and angry promoters threatening the lives of the artiste, his children and management stating that, ‘no matter where they are or try to go they are going to be killed’.

The artiste management has since issued a statement,

“The management of Reggae firebrand Nesbeth would like to advise the public that ‘Xtra Classy Promotions, Young Ones Ent and Vybes Classic’ the promoters of the ‘My Dream – U.K Showcase 2016” has issued a number of death threats via telephone to our team, the artiste and his children.

Speaking from his hotel room Nesbeth who is known for his benevolence and peaceful demeanor said, “I am very disturbed by the whole ordeal and extremely concerned for the safety and lives of my team and especially my children. My team has done everything possible to accommodate these promoters yet this is the path they chose to pursue, but I will continue to walk the path of righteousness.”

Nesbeth was billed for a three concert assignment over the weekend commencing August 26th in Birmingham, August 27th in London and August 28th in Luton. However upon arrival there has been a surfeit of problems plaguing the showcase. Nonetheless, despite making numerous adjustments to accommodate their shortcomings the situation became untenable on Sunday evening (August 28th) following a major contractual breach by the promoters forcing a cancellation of the final concert.

Entertainment Soul the management of Nesbeth would like to sincerely apologise to the British fans and the general public as his non- appearance was due to the unprofessional conduct of the event promoters who failed to honour their agreement subsequently leading to the cancellation.

Nesbeth is slated to return to Jamaica later this week for assignments in New York and Toronto Canada over the Labour Day weekend.

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