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Reggae songbird Sophia Squire has released yet another powerhouse of a track called "Love and C

Known for her thought provoking reggae love songs, the Love Don't Hurt songstress who's music is a continual empowerment for women has found another relatable topic on the subject of relationship goals to sing about. Overcoming obstacles and maintaining a healthy relationship has been the focus of this queen's message from day one and she is so blessed to be able to effectively convey her thoughts in the manner in which she does. Sophia Squire's music is sheer reality and it's that rawness that makes her the powerhouse she is.

Fresh off a recent performance in Germany at Reggae Jam the most anticipated reggae festival of the year, Sophia's delivers on her first recording the new joint, Love and Conflict. According to her, this song, "just came to me upon hearing the riddim" and, "was recorded during one of my best moments in the studio." As for her energy at the time of recording the track she said reminiscing on how the crowd accepted her full performance at Reggae Jam, "was still fresh in my mind" and brought her to a place where she felt comfortable doing what she feels is her god-giving purpose.

"Nothing feels better than performing. It's a joy to see people happy and that's what I live for and what I appreciate about my job. I put a smile on someone's face or help another person come face to face with their fears and that's rewarding" she said.

As radio pumps the Love and Conflict track the hook, "love and conflict cant share the same house like an angel with the devil as a spouse, no peace one must get thrown out.." sticks, and some have started to question the former back-ground vocalist of the late Gregory Isaac own personal relationship which she manage to keep a secret for a long time. This question made her laugh hard saying in between coughs, "I'm a lover, and that's all I will say about that." Still in the dark? Well don't be no more, listen to Love and Conflict by Sophia Squire.

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