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Bounty Killer and Kunley McCarthy's Global TV Success With NIKE!

Bounty Killer and Ward 21 group member and music producer Kunley McCarthy are both currently enjoying some serious success globally in the TV world.

Both have been featured on and have a publishing interest in the Santigold single "Kicking Down Doors". The song is currently being used in the world-wide NIKE/Olympic TV advert according to a release as well as, is going to be used in the new major network TV show "At Home With The Hones'.

Both Bounty and Kunley have also been featured on Major Lazer's recent multi-platinum album. These deals were put together by publisher Othman Mukhlis (Abood Music / Jamdown). Abood Music represent a large number of Jamaican and international artists and producers including DSR, Skatta, the Jacksons. Daz Dillenger and many many more...

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