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Messing with Tourism

Today September 27 is World Tourism Day; a day one would imagine holding some significance for our Caribbean region, as many of our beautiful isles offer their intriguing treats to peoples from around the World for the mutual benefit of both parties. So why ever would KarryOn Caribbean want to be messing with TOURISM and on this day of all day? Here’s why:

More so now than ever, given our low economic period, the Caribbean isles must find ways to remain viable; one such way is via tourism. So the rant has been heard in some circles the Government needs to “promote tourism.” Okay! That being accepted let us now mess with Tourism on another level.

A tourist is seeking a destination for pleasure. Pleasure here also includes peaceful and tranquil or safe. How do you as a resident of your isle contribute to the peace tranquility and safety of your isle in these times where we need to “promote tourism?” Reputations do not only go before people, reputations also go before places. In your interaction with others from other locations do you help create an interest within them about this place that you are from? Honestly, I’ve visited many neighbouring islands and countries after someone from the place sparked my curiousity. And Tourism is defined as the business of organizing visits to places of interest.

Just getting started! How about we start messing with Tourism on some unimaginable levels! As an employee of an organization each day you go about your daily tasks. Truth told the viability of the organization is your viability. How does your daily approach to your designated task “promote tourism” for your organization? Oh, yes, have heard the cries of unfavourable work conditions impacting approach to work. But guess what, you still work there and there are avenues to address that. The day persons no longer consider your ‘home’ organization a place of interest, all are impacted. So why not remember to think outside the box and promote organizational tourism today.

Before wrapping up our time here on KarryOn Caribbean messing with TOURISM we must remember me and you. Hmm, what about me and you you ask? Well, simple, for those of us occupying ‘Single Town’ like myself, have you considered how it is going? How it is going in terms of your tourism promotion, promoting yourself as a person of interest for desirable suitors. Worth a mention we are not talking here about cheap tourism tricks where you pretend to be what you are not. No! We are taking about a personal development campaign, continually improving you, doing things you enjoy and so increasing your appeal and interest.

No worries, have not forgotten those in ‘Paired Village’ if you are part of a couple your task might be a bit more challenging. Sure you might have heard what they say about familiarity. Well. Just remember that you are catering to your partner, your local tourist. For local tourists the appeal is visiting somewhere they have never been before. Please remember then to keep on your own personal development programme also. And also to sometimes you might have to be proactive and invite your local tourist to some unknown or little explored territory.

Whether you are from ‘Single Town’ or ‘Paired Village’ it remains important to keep promoting tourism.

After all that messing with TOURISM, let us KarryOn Caribbean better than ever in our promotion of TOURISM!


KarryOn Caribbean

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