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Reggae Rocker Omari Banks Let's It Happen "Naturally", Shares Scenes of Upcoming Video

"What are the chances of meeting somebody That can love me so complete.. Naturally.." sings soulful reggae rocker Omari Banks on his latest single "Naturally". As fans eagerly await Omari Banks next album, the recording artist has been busy working on the latter with notables producer in Jamaica and Miami. Following up the success of "System Set" featuring Duane Stephenson, Omari is quenching their musical thirst, by releasing "Naturally". The sensual song produced by Clive Hunt, co-produced and written by Omari himself, is the second single off his anticipated 2017 album. Speaking on "Naturally", the balladeer explained "Everybody wants to be loved, but love is relative and everybody loves differently.. I believe the best love experienced is when it is without thought and its felt by the giver and receiver , it comes about Spontaneous, free effort.. It happens NATURALLY..." To emphasize the essence of "Naturally", Omari has paired up the sensuous serenade with a breathtaking film filmed in Italy over this past summer. Directed by renowned Italian film/video director Mario Parrucini, the visuals take in the beauty of the lyrics set to a romantic backdrop.

While the single will shortly be available for purchase on all major online digital stores, "Naturally" video will premiere next week.


Video credit: - Mario Parruccini - Film/Video's Director, Director of Photography, Screenplay, Editing and Post Production - Marta Federici - Co-producer, backstage Photographer - Paolo Zanotti added producer - Enrico Luciani first assistant director and co-screenwriter


Video credit: - Patrizio Trecca Line producer - Lucrezia Farinella costumes - Ilaria di Lauro make-up and hair stylist


Video credit: - Sofia Pellegrino (big city girl) - Cristiano Dominici first camera operator assistant - Gerardo Falce key grip - Fabrizio Russo gaffer

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