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In Time for the Holidays, Soulful Reggae Rocker Omari Banks Delivers Acoustic Saturdays

Just in time for the holiday season, soulful reggae rocker will deliver his musical gifts at "Acoustic Saturdays" by the breathtaking beautiful backdrop of Sandy Island in Anguilla. A popular off island getaway, Sandy Island a small cay off Sandy Ground beach in Anguilla is considered one of the most beautiful enclave in the Caribbean, pairing with what Vibe Magazine describes as "voice as calming as chamomile and charisma that bubbles like a champagne toast.", the unison is sure to leave a memorable experience. Patrons can look forward to see Omari perform from his repertoire such songs as "Unafraid, Move On, Me and You, More Than Friends", as well as new music like "Naturally" from his upcoming 2017 album. "Omari Banks Acoustic Saturdays" will commence December 24th, 2016 and continue weekly Saturdays thereafter. "Folks can expect to hear the most organic performance possible..Acoustic .. Its going to be upclose a personal.. You will be able hear the thoughts that went with the melody and made the song, and to think that all of this on the back drop of a beautiful Island Paradise with great food and Tasty drinks....What could be better.." stated Omari

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