Bluefields Bay Villas - "Country Retreat on the Sea"

When it comes to choosing the best Caribbean resorts for families, there’s no place like Bluefields Bay Villas. Guests agree that the Bluefields all-inclusive experience is the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation, and adventure in a setting as breathtaking as the pictures!

Bluefields Bay Villas are a collection of six luxury homes perched on Jamaica’s leeward South Coast, which is 40 minutes from Negril.

The luxury villa rentals are nestled at the base of the Bluefields Mountains. Here, guests can experience the breath-taking, natural ecosystem of Jamaica’s southern coast, unspoiled by tourism and commercial development. Whether you’re hiking up Bluefields lush mountainside or snorkeling with dolphins near our coral reefs, Bluefields idyllic scenery is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and lavish vacation.

Each villa comes with your very own headman (Jamaican concierge) to make your stay at Bluefields Villas as carefree as possible. Their excellent staff will take you away to Jamaican luxury! The villas are located on the famous Bluefields Beach (with the exception of the exclusive San Michele island villa), overlooking the crystal blue waters of the bay. Expect sun, relaxation, and personal attention from our staff during your stay in Bluefields. Bluefields can also host your next wedding, honeymoon, or vacation holiday!

Each Jamaica Villa includes these amenities, plus many more:

  • Beach Access

  • Spa Services

  • Children and Senior Services

  • All Inclusive Dining

  • Private Swimming Pool

  • Multiple Suite Bedrooms

San Michele

  • Maximum 13 persons

  • 6 Bedrooms; 6 Bathrooms

  • Private pool & pavilion

  • Private "island" for your waterfront enjoyment

Mullion Cove

  • Maximum 12 persons

  • 5+ Bedrooms; 4 Bathrooms

  • Private pool & pavilion

  • Private "island" for your waterfront enjoyment

The Hermitage

  • Maximum 9 persons

  • 4 Bedrooms; 3.5 Bathrooms

  • Private pool & pavilion

  • Private "island" for your waterfront enjoyment

Providence House

  • Maximum 6 persons

  • 3 Bedrooms; 3.5 Bathrooms

  • Private Pool

  • Private Seaside Pavilion

Milestone Cottage

  • Maximum 4 persons