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Introducing - Jamaican Recording Artiste "Yeshwa"

Born Ricardo McKenzie on December 30, 1988 in Jamaica, Yeshwa signed with Amrit Records in 2012, a label he formed with producer/partner Jason McDonald and subsequently released the single, "Cut Her Loose" which immediately spiraled across Jamaican radio airwaves and went viral on social media.

A Singer, musician and producer by profession, Ricardo 'Yeshwa' McKenzie grew up in the parish of Westmoreland. He is the only child born to Evelyn Pinnock who is a singer and guitarist at the Savanalamar Church of God Deliverance Centre. His father, Ray McKenzie is a banker whom Yeshwa has not had the privilege of spending time with.

Early Life

Yeshwa's childhood was impacted by everyday struggles and hardship in the district of Georges Plain. He attended Frome Technical High school where he studied architectural engineering but had to seek early employment at age 18 to assist his single mother. He took his first job in the parish as a Tattoo artist and credit members of the community of Georges Plain for strengthening his beliefs throughout those hard days. "Warm-hearted' people (as he described them) encouraged him to go after his dream, a dream he had from as early as he could remember of becoming an established singer/songwriter. Yeshwa's inspiration came from his grandfather, Minister Alexander Manner who like his mother, was a singer at The Church of Holiness in Westmoreland

Career Objectives

In November 2010 Yeshwa recorded his first song with producer Collin Vibes of High Wave Production entitled, "Step In Da Streets" he then went on to record tracks such as "Only God Knows" and "Stress Free" as well as other singles which received airplay across local radio stations. But as the years slipped by Yeshwa dedicated more of his time to working and reworking his own methodologies and skills in the studio to perfect his self-taught craft in music production and playing lead guitar.

By January 2012 Yeshwa on one of his trips to the United States of America met and subsequently formed partnership with Jason McDonald, an entrepreneur and owner of companies Sunset Car Rentals, Green Choice Restoration and Bye Bye Dirt Cleaning Services based in Miami to establish their own music production company, revamp his image and formally launch their Amrit label. The two assigned Manager Patricia Richards owner and founder of Ikeba Record label, formerly of Pyramid Records and 9-5-7 Music Records with over 35 years of experience in the music industry to assist with spearheading the movement. Their ambitions combined were realized November 2016 upon the release of singles, 'My Drink' and 'Cut Her Loose.'

Popular Singles on Amrit

'Cut Her Loose' almost immediately on it's release on radio went viral on FaceBook garnering over 300k views in a month. It's timing sync and resonated with many Jamaicans at a time domestic violence/spousal abuse that lead to suicide and/or murder dominated local news reports and became a major concern for the authorities and the Jamaican people. Yeshwa voiced his concerns on the single, 'Cut Her Loose' urging persons to walk away, "cut her or him loose" and put an end to those atrocities.

The father of two, a son and daughter also released the single 'My Drink' showing his diversity and flexibility. A step away from serious social issues to trendy lifestyle, "My Drink" is one for the clubs. The uptempo and trendy beat complimented by Yeshwa's softer, smoother vocals is the second production off the label and are mere samples off his debut album which he anticipates will be ready for a summer release.

"Music has been my passion, and it has driven me to seek partnership with my friend. We've formulated a strong team and our aim for this movement is to become a force to be reckoned with."

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