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Sativa D Black 1 Urge His Male Counterparts to "Walk Har Out" And Say No To Domestic Abuse

After making a favourable impact with his comical "Petty Thief" track off the YGF Records label, the assertive Jamaican reggae/dancehall artiste Sativa D Black 1 teased fans with a new single entitle, "Walk Har Out" on the CharmB Production label.

Unlike Petty Thief, "Walk Har Out" takes on a more serious tone as Sativa gets tough on men. Appropriately introduced to his social media fans on International Women's Day as a tribute and musical contribution to the growing support of women by male reggae and dancehall artistes. The lyrics from this Walk Har Out track gives a riveting account of domestic violence.

If the music is reflective of what goes on in the society, then it will not always be positive and uplifting. Some underlying issues that stems from it are almost, always hard to accept. The messages are all too clear, "Walk Har Out" for example is descriptive. Issues such as domestic violence, suicide, child molestation and murder to name a few develop as much as a child does. Some songs highlight those hard issues while others offer hope. The music however, was not designed to create a balance between the issues that inspire its good and bad. Rather, it creates awareness and the need to have dialogue on solving those problems.

Sativa D Black 1 introduced himself on the Jamaican music scene as a survivor of a distressed family ( Listen Irie FM Elise Kelly sit down interview with Sativa on "Heart Mind and Soul to Soul").

His childhood years were marred with irregularities borne out of social issues he would not have understood then or able to control. Now as an adult the father of two is driven to share his stories not only for the purpose of entertainment but to show other families going through what he experience that he overcome, understanding the enormity of the problem and its impact on families in general. Keep up with Sativa D Black 1 on social media +SATIVA D BLACK1 watch how he delivers and how people embrace his music.

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