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Steel-PAN Living

Hi again, KarryOn Caribbean. So much undoubtedly happens between these communications with you. Basically Life happens, and in-between; life happens, and surely we can stop there and some of us just might be and are okay with letting life happen to us. But is not life for living? And outside of the constraints imposed upon us by our external environments, we have choice in how we live our life. During this Carnival period for our Region, how about we consider Steel-PAN Living.

The production of the Steel-PAN began in the 1940’s and each is made individually, and here begins steel-PAN Living. Especially in our day and Age of Social Media and Reality TV many of us hustle through “our millennial age” 19-35 trying to mold our life to fit a pre-prepared mold. Yet Steel-PAN Living helps us appreciate that we get the best out of life when we consider our unique traits, setting and other things that we have to work with in our lives.

Going forward, the pan maker takes the steel-drum and views its potential. He/she does not feel hindered by viewing the drum as is, but gets to work on creating the beautiful instrument the drum has the potential to become. And as we go forward with Steel-PAN Living we too can consider how we are but “a diamond in the rough” and work at developing ourselves throughout our lives.

Work continues as the pan maker seeks to cut the drum if need be, and pound to create the indentations for various notes that would eventually produce pleasant music. In this way steel-PAN living is in appreciating that life will bring experiences that will help to cut out things, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and people that no longer serve us.

And while these experiences might feel like life’s pounds or ‘hard knocks’ they are able to make us better, and more prepared to dance to life’s rhythms and sing a variety of tunes as we go through life. This process is quite detailed, as the pan maker must fine-tune the notes, it might well take all of five hours and that is just the fine-tuning. And so Steel-PAN living appreciates that life will at different points provide such experiences and this is something which we might do well to expect at any point along the way as we go through life.

Finally, the steel-PAN is chromed and ready to be used. Similarly Steel-PAN living appreciates that the greatest treasure we provide is to allow our experiences, skills and abilities to be used in services and products which can bring joy to others.

Even as that steelpan produced might be used alone or be part of a band, steel-pan living also helps us to appreciate that there are times when we go it alone and times when we require to work as a team.

So as we enjoy our Carnival Season in our Caribbean region, how about we carry-on remembering what it might be like to fully embrace steel-PAN Living. Do KarryOn Caribbean! Do ……


By: Kerriann Toby: CONTRIBUTOR

KarryOn Caribbean

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