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Meet reggae artist, writer and musician DENATRA

Jamaican roots reggae artist, writer and musician DENATRA, born David Shields on July 28 1982. He was raised and currently resides in the parish of St Elizabeth Jamaica.

In Dentara’s earlier years, his Father, who played the saxophone, and was a strong influence on Denatra’s musical interest. Friends would gather every Saturday evening at the family home and they would play music all night. Denatra would sit and listen for hours at a time. These weekly events inspired him to create a guitar out of a bamboo tree, which motivated him to pursue a music career.

The young artist started singing at the age of ten, and at eleven years old he wrote his first song. By the time he was twelve, he began singing at the family church, which caught the attention of the congregation. It was at this time he discovered he had a unique singing voice, and various churches in the area would have him sing during their services as a guest soloist. By the age of fifteen he learned to play a real guitar, and several other instruments which he has now mastered.

Both of his Parents were big motivators in his decision to pursue a musical career. Shortly before his Mother passed away, she made him promise to never give up on his music. At the age of 29 he lost his father, his brother and his mother within two months. This tragic event has become the biggest influence in writing the heartfelt lyrics he brings to the world in his music.

Denatra is an outstanding and gifted artist who has an extremely unique style, which is a cross over roots reggae, gospel, and urban blend. A few of the artists who have influenced Denatra were; Beres Hammond, Luciano, Turbulence, Hezron, Lukie D, Sugar Minott.

Dentra’s songs have received local airplay on the beautiful island of Jamaica by many well known and popular DJ’S such as Ron Muschette and Barry G. He has been interviewed on radio in Africa as well as a recent interview on Mello Fm with Mr. Muschette. In the past he has been a Rising Star, and Magnum King and Queen’s competitor, and has appeared on a variety of gospel concerts around the island.



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