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Dancehall artiste Jemineye Inks Deal With US Record Label Black Market Records

It has been confirmed that Jamaican Reggae Dancehall artiste Jemineye (Futuristic) has signed a recording contract with Black Market Records based in Sacramento,California United States, as their first ever Reggae/Dancehall artist.

When contacted directly by Julie Jay Kanz , Jemineye stated that the deal/offer "came part and parcel with various other positive signs of growth and advancement that 2017 brought forward for the Jamaican musician.

"We took the time to weigh the options and made the most propitious decision ":

He Said

When asked how he was contacted with the offer Jemineye said that the label was scouting for upcoming Reggae acts was tipped about the Jemineye brand by a friend he referred to as Rory Marvelous.

This was confirmed when BlackMarket Records took to their facebook page and instagram accounts to announce the first/newly signed Reggae artist.

Jemineye further stated that they are slated to start recording the Debut Album with his new found "home" and fans can look out for the first release in the latter stage of this quarter of the year.


Article By: Jullie Jay-Kanz

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