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Celebrity Q&A - Omari Banks Reveals Some of His Favorite Things

You know him as the tall, dark and handsome cricketer turned singer; and did I mention sexy? But there is so much more to this stallion, he is charming, witty, unassuming, ambitious and philosophical; these are some of the reasons why he has been our #MCM so many times

CEM did a Q &A with Omari Ahmed Clement Banks, the Anguillan musician with the captivating smile.

Tell us about your.........

Favorite food?

Steam fish with provision

Favorite obsession?

Playing guitar

Favorite nickname?


Favorite quote?

"With faith the battles is won"

Favorite trait?

I would say my smile

Favorite accomplishment ?

International recognition in two separate careers, being a former professional cricketer and now living my dreams as Musician

Favorite romance movie?


Favorite fragrance?

One million cologne

Favorite media personality?

Steve Harvey

Favorite memory?

The birth of my daughter

What’s on your bucket list?

To perform at Madison Square Garden

Interesting fact

I enjoy time alone in thought.


To catch up with Omari Banks

Instagram: @omaribanks11

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