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Jamaican Artiste Papi Kat Impresses With New Singles

After months, the artiste Papi Kat has finally completed two new and improved singles called, "Ghetto Life" and "Inna Dem Feelings." If you have been following this artiste on his Road To Stardom these singles are his best work yet when compared to the 2016 release "Pot of Gold" and others released in the past.

"Ghetto Life" echoes hardship but the effort put into creating and releasing the song is commendable. Papi told NIPnews how he felt this time around working on these tracks, "there were times when mi feel like I'm moving at snail's pace but mi truly enjoy every moment of laying the tracks down and getting them mastered because mi learned so much" he said.

With the help of Studio Engineer Noel "NJ" Small who has worked with the likes of young reggae giants Teflon and Jahmiel, a now settled Papi Kat gets into the music asking the question, "whey you know bout ghetto life?" then proceeded to answer with a run down of what it is, listen....

"Ghetto Life" follows a trendy, "Inna Dem Feelings" Dancehall/Hip-Hop infused single. The type of song that mimicks detractors light-heartedly with street-slangs. Both songs are scheduled for an official release April 20th, 2017.

"When God is in the plan you can never go wrong, a song is never a song until you sing it, a door is never a door until you swing it, love has no use until you give it. My people remember this, love is the answer and God is the way!" ~@PapiKatMusic~

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