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Producer Konsequence Muzik creates another Masterpiece called " The Dark Riddim"

Jamaican born and well known producer Konsequence created another masterpiece called " The Dark Riddim" just in time for this summer's line up. The instrumental A.K.A "Riddim" is a mid tempo instrumental that puts the listerner in a laid back, mellow mood. With many artists hopping on this riddim, Konsequence made sure that reggae songjay Starface graced this riddim first. Her song "Cover Over" describes a woman wanting to spend time with lover; even though he wants to see her too, he is too busy chasing money.

Starface is the first artist on Konsequence Muzik Entertainment so it came as no surprise hearing the chemistry between her and Konsequence on this track. Other artists can be heard on this riddim such as Don Andre, Jah Vinci and Chilando just to name a few. One thing for sure you will hear The Dark Riddim on this Summer's Playlist.

To hear and learn more about Konsequence, be sure to follow him @Konsequencemuzik on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud.

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